UIF For Domestic Workers. Full Details

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About The UIF

The Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) offers workers with temporary financial assistance if they are unable to work.

The Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) offers workers with short-term financial assistance if they are unable to work.

Contributions to the UIF are required by law if you work more than 24 hours each month. Domestic workers are included.

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Who Is A Domestic Worker

A domestic worker is defined as an employee who works in the home of his or her employer under the Unemployment Insurance Act 63 of 2001. Gardeners, drivers of motor vehicles, carers, and cleaners are all included. Farmworkers are not considered domestic employees.

You must register a domestic worker with the UIF if you hire them for more than 24 hours a month. Every month, 1% of an employee’s gross compensation is withheld and deposited into the fund. The employer is also required to contribute 1%.

As an employer, you must register as a domestic employee on the uFiling website.

UIF For Domestic Workers Funds

So far, the Fund has distributed slightly less than R12-b (R 11 915 612 569) through 167 524 firms, benefiting 2 092 774 workers. Through bargaining committees representing 909 firms, a total of R155 481 810 has been paid to 56 641 workers.

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Since March 26, the fund has continued to pay regular payments of R1 664 959 589 to 184 207 individuals, as follows:

  • R 1 331 967 671 for unemployment benefits for 147 366 individuals.
  • R 249 743 938 maternity benefits for 27 631 recipients.
  • R 49 948 948 787 for 5 526 dependants.
  • R 33 299 191 for 3 684 recipients for illness and adoption.

Domestic Employee Requirement

You will need the following information when registering as a Domestic Employee

  • Employers 13 Digit South African ID.
  • Employees valid 13 Digit South African ID number.
  • Your e-mail address where all correspondence will be emailed.
  • If a practitioner is registering a domestic employer as a, the domestic employer’s details are required.
  • Your banking details and valid branch code that you will nominate to be used to securely pay your UIF contributions.
  • employee’s employment details.
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A percentage of these contributions to the UIF can be accessed if a domestic worker is unable to work due to their employment being terminated or needing to take leave.

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