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Wholesale Glass Jars Prices In South Africa. Full Details. June 2022


Welcome to our blog, in this post, we will take you through Wholesale Glass Jars prices in South Africa. Kindly stay with us if you are thinking of venturing into the business of selling retail glass jars.

About Jars

A jar is a rigid, cylindrical or slightly conical container with a broad mouth or opening that can be sealed with a lid, screw cap, lug cap, cork stopper, roll-on cap, crimp-on cap, press-on cap, plastic shrink, heat sealed lidding film, an inner seal, a tamper-evident band, or other suitable ways.

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Types Of Jars And Their Uses

  • Paragon jars – tall and narrow cylinders, commonly used for pickled foods like olives
  • French square or Victorian jars – roughly a small cube
  • Spice jars – small cylinder or rectangular cuboid
  • Hexagon or hex jars – regular hexagonal prism
  • Mason jars – moderately tall cylinders typically used in home canning, sealed with a metal lid
  • Kilner jar – similar to a Mason jar but sealed with rubber
  • Straight-sided jars – cylinders with no neck. Squat straight-sided jars are suitable for creams which can be scooped out.
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Wholesale Glass Jars Prices In South Africa

28ml Consol Mini Jar PRICE: R 8.00
125ml Consol Sheer Jar PRICE: R9.00
125ml Consol Pickle Jar PRICE: R9.50

Consol Dip Jar Price: R11.50

230ml Consol Phoenix Jar Price: R10.70

260ml Square Jar Price: R10.80

291ml Consol Jam Jar Price: R11.50

352ml Consol Honey Jar: R10.30

375ml Consol Chutney Jar Price: R12.50

500ml Consol Square Preserve Jar Price: R34.50

750ml Consol Round Jar Price: R17.20

Consol Catering Jar Price: R20.00

Consol Preserve Jar Price R39.00

3l Consol Catering Jar Price: R42.70


Wholesale Jar Shops In South Africa

BONPAK Packaging supply store
Johannesburg, South Africa


Dalgen Packaging
Pinetown, South Africa


ACS Promotions (Pty) Ltd
Sandton, South Africa


Cape Town, South Africa


The Packhouse
Pietermaritzburg, South Africa


Durban, South Africa


African Cellar Suppliers (Pty) Ltd
Paarl, South Africa


G B Packaging C C.
Cape Town, South Africa


AtLendon Packaging (Pty) Ltd
Cape Town, South Africa
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