Wholesale Fabric Suppliers In South Africa. Full Details

Welcome to our blog, in this post, we will take you through wholesale fabric suppliers in South Africa. Kindly stay with us if you are looking for a fabric supplier or thinking of starting a fabric retail shop.

Fabrics play a vital role in our daily lives and as a result, the demand for fabrics has become almost insatiable. There are many big companies thriving in the fabric and text industry in South Africa and in this post we are going to bring you some of the best ones you can get in touch with in case you want to become a supplier yourself or venture into the fabric retail business.

Without wasting much time let’s delve into it.

Wholesale Fabric Suppliers In South Africa

1. Bilbo Fashions, Durban, KwaZulu natal, South Africa

Bilbo Fashions is a new name in the fabric manufacturing industry in South Africa. Our Cotton Fabrics are available in a variety of sizes and lengths. These fabrics are created at our production facilities using expert-recommended raw materials.

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Durban, KwaZulu Natal

 South Africa

 P O Box 18454

2. Malawi Fabrics (Pty) Ltd, Rochdale Park, South Africa

Malawi Fabrics (Pty) Ltd. is a one-stop store in South Africa for all fabric needs. Malawi Fabrics (Pty) Ltd. has a large customers in South Africa and other parts of the world. We have our own fabric design capabilities, which provides us with an advantage over the competition.

 Rochdale Park,

 South Africa

 P.O.Box 74301

3. Italian Textile Industries CC, Jeppe town, Johannesburg, South Africa

Italian Textile Industries CC manufactures some of the apparel and garments, fabrics, yarn, fibre, and textile mill products and owns one of the most comprehensive and resourceful manufacturing facilities in South Africa. Due to our superior quality, we can proudly say we are the best in Textile Industry.

 Jeppe town, Johannesburg

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 South Africa

 P O Box 33035,

4. Universal Non-Woven Company, Durban, KwaZulu natal, South Africa

We Universal Non-Woven Company are reckoned as a prime cloth fabrics Manufacturer and Exporter in South Africa. Our wholesale silk fabric and knitted fabrics are available in a wide variety, which is high in demand among international clients.

 Durban, KwaZulu natal

 South Africa

 11 Caversham Road, Pinetown.

5. Kinross Clothing, Maitland, Florida, South Africa

Being a leading name in the fabric industry, Kinross Clothing is engaged in offering a wide range of Fabric and textile products in South Africa. Kinross Clothing desire to be in the pinnacle of the list, paying firm attention, to the growth of the conglomerate.

 Maitland, Florida

 South Africa

 P.O.Box 250

6. John Hickman Outfitters Cc, Caledon, South Africa

John Hickman Outfitters Cc uses its Vast knowledge and experience in the field of manufacturing custom fabric in South Africa. The company promises perfection and constantly refines its work to meet the demands of the customers.

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 South Africa

 40 Donkin Street

7. Seardel Investments Corp Ltd, Constantia, South Africa

Seardel Investments Corp Ltd. is a wholesaler, producer, and manufacturer of textile fabrics in South Africa, including awning fabrics, cotton fabrics, wool fabrics, nylon fabric, linen fabric, and curtain fabric. Our textiles and services are sold throughout the United States, Asia, Australia, Europe, and Canada.


 South Africa

 P.O.Box 8

8. Cosmo Threads & Trimmings, Bishopsgate, South Africa

Cosmo Threads & Trimmings deliver High-quality apparel and garments, fabrics, yarn, and textile machinery in South Africa. With our excellent supply chain of textile products, we can export our products to the worldwide textile market at competitive rates. We Serve Fast, reliable & professional service.


 south africa

 P.O.Box 61328

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