Water Bottle Prices In South Africa. Full Details

In this post, I am going to give you accurate water bottle prices in South Africa and other necessary information about water bottles you might probably want to know. 

There is a saying that “Water is life” and this is very true especially when you find yourself in a place where there is no suitable water for drinking.

Nowadays there are a lot of mineral water brands on the market and this situation has its own pros and cons of course. 

The disadvantage is some of these mineral water brands produce so much plastic waste which pollutes the environment and makes sanitation management almost impossible. 

You cannot also take chances drinking any bottled water you see on the market that is why it is important to bottle your own water.  

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It is very important to bottle your kids’ water especially when they are off to school to prevent them from drinking water from other sources which might be harmful to their health. 

Bottling your own water keeps disposable plastic water bottles out of landfills and reduces the extensive carbon footprint from their distribution.

Water bottles come in different shapes and are made with different materials most of them reusable and eco-friendly. 

Water bottles nowadays are made of glass, stainless steel, plastic and even wood. 

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Are you looking to get yourself or you ward a water bottle? Then stay right here as we bring you the price of some water bottles on the South African market.

Water Bottle Prices In South Africa

Below are some online shops in South Africa and the prices of some of their water bottles.

Yuppie Chef 

Zoku Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Bottle, 500ml – From R 599.00

Mepal Campus Pop-Up Bottle, 400ml – R 299.00

Zoku Kids Flip Gulp Bottle, 470ml – From R 309.00

Built Tilt Double Walled Tumbler, 450ml – From R 329.00

Coppa Wellness Hammered Copper Water Bottle, 750ml – From R 719.00

Le Creuset Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated Hydration Bottle, 500ml – R 599.00

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Tritan Drinking Bottle 750ml – R 89.99

Stainless Steel Sports Bottle 500ml – R 144.00

Sports Bottle Curve 600ml – R 94.99

Smart Life Shaker Bottle 600ml – R 59.99

Tritan Drinking Bottle 1 Litre – R 99.99

Cape Union Mart

K-Way 900ml IsoTitan Water Bottle – R 149.00

Laken Kilimanjaro Bottle 1L Futura – R 250.00

Aladdin Active 800ml Hydration Tracker – R 199.00

K-Way Thermo 500ml Bottle – R 479.00

Bobble Bottle 550ml – R 150.00

LifeStraw Go Bottle Filter – R 699.00

Stanley Vacuum Hydration Quick Flip Bottle 470ml – R 499.00

EcoVessel Boulder 946ml Bottle – R 799.00

EcoVessel Boulder 710ml Bottle – R 750.00


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