Spark School Fees

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About Spark School

A hybrid international high school, Spark School upholds the Cambridge International Curriculum’s standards. Their highly qualified instructors get pupils ready for the Cambridge IGCSE exams at the end of Year 11 and the Cambridge International AS and A-Level exams in Year 12 or Year 13.

What Makes Them Different

Students have the opportunity to participate in a top-notch, comprehensive, and global academic program through their courses. In order to address the emotional, social, spiritual, and cognitive requirements of our pupils, we consider them as multifaceted, full persons.

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Knowing they have the power and freedom to direct their educational path, students have a sense of being both held and free.

Spark Educational Model

While academic accomplishment is important for the future, our goal is to help kids grow as a full person. One of the few British Schools Overseas (BSO) and Cambridge International approved schools, Transylvania College, serves as a foundation for Spark School.


They pick highly qualified instructors who adhere to a cutting-edge, motivating, and paradigm-challenging learning approach. Their staff has received training in online education and is capable of utilizing effective and interesting online teaching strategies.

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Their team creates programs that are tailored to children’s requirements in terms of their physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual wellbeing. We think that fostering a sense of community among students, parents, and teachers is essential to the future of education.


Spark School has been granted accreditation by Transylvania College to create and implement the Leader in Me Process. This indicates that the school staff has received training in the Leader in Me Practices and the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People and applies these in their daily work.

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Global Awareness

Students are urged and assisted in building the soft skills toolbox necessary for success in a global society. Students have the chance to take part in conferences, trips, and projects that take place abroad and provide them the chance to learn about and comprehend a global community.

Spark School Fees

Below are a list of Spark School Fees.

  • R28 050. Annual 2022 tuition.
  • R2 338. Monthly 2022 tuition.
  • R650. Application Fee. Non-Refundable.
  • R800. Stationery Fee.
  • R25 806. Sibling Discounts.

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