Sorbet Nail Prices Full Details

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Sorbet is your one-stop shop for beauty therapy, with over 200 locations around the country. They’re here to give up a double scoop of “Amazing” all week long, from manicures to pedicures, skin care and body massages, good hair days and poor hair days (and unwanted hair days). You can tell when you’re passionate about something. How? Because it entices you. It arouses “something” within you and sends shivers down your spine.

So you know when you’re passionate about service. You inhale it. You live it because you want to make other people’s lives better. “Service” is the backbone of our company. This is the foundation upon which they have been built. Their service is what keeps them standing tall and proud.

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They serve diverse purposes. They serve with passion. And it is the heart of their business that distinguishes them. They enjoy what they do and who they are: world-class beauty professionals who genuinely care. They don’t have any clients. They have visitors. They don’t work for money; They work for friends. Best pals for life.

They are not a group. They’re a family. Sorbet is more than simply a brand. It’s a way of thinking. It’s “that” sensation. Hot towels, hot wax, Manicures and Manlicures, Blowouts and Bro-Outs, Hollywood, Brazilian, Swedish, and Gelish are all on the menu. They paint, dip, deep cleanse, and deep tissue. They don’t perform deep slumber; that’s something day spas do.

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Refund & Returns Policy

At Sorbet, it is our mission to provide 100% Guest satisfaction, seven days a week & wearing a smile. If you are not totally satisfied with your treatment, talk to them & tell them why & if they can’t turn that frown back into a smile, then your treatment is on them.

This policy forms part of the Sorbet Terms and Conditions and words defined in the Terms and Conditions have the same meaning in this policy unless the context indicates otherwise. Nothing in this policy is intended to limit your statutory rights in any way.

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Sorbet Nail Prices

Soft Gel

Soft Gel Tips + Gelish R500
Soft Gel Tips + Gelish with backfill R430
Soft Gel Tips + Polish R400
Soft Gel Tips + Polish with backfill R330

Hands Feet
Gel Polish (Hands & Feet only) R310 R310
Gel Polish with Ombre R315
Gel Polish Mini R410 R410
Gel Polish Power R490 R490
Gel Polish Dip Overlay or Fill* R390

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