IBR Roof Sheeting Prices

IBR roofing has become a household name in the Africa building and real estate industry. It is available in Nigeria, Ghana and other countries as a roofing option.

This article will be very useful to building contractors, individuals who are planning to build and realtors. In this one we give you a complete guide about IBR roofing particular, the prices of ibr roofing, where to buy and dealers of ibr roofing in South Africa.


What Is Ibr Roofing Sheet?

The name IBR is abbreviated from “Inverted Box Rib”. It is a square fluted profile with an effective covering width of 686mm designed for roofing residential, industrial and commercial buildings. It is designed to provide optimum drainage ability. See the pictures below.


Prices of ibr roofing sheets

The price of ibr roofing in South Africa may differ from one shop to the other. In the table below, we have compiled a list of possible suppliers of ibr sheets and their respective prices.

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Factors that determine the price of IBR roofing sheet

Like any other building material, roofing sheets have certain specifications that determines its price. They are listed below.

  • Size
  • Type (galvanized, stainless steel, etc.)

Now let’s have a look at the prices.


Things to note

  • The prices below were extracted from cashbuild.co.za and builders.co.za
  • The prices listed here may differ from the current price. Do not entirely depend on this as it may not tally with current market prices. Thank you.



Sheet Price per sheet (in Rands)  
Macsteel IBR Roof Sheet (0.47m x 4500mm) R525  
Macsteel IBR Roof Sheet (0.47m x 4500mm)    
Galvanised Roof Sheeting IBR Profile R477.95  
Galvanised Roof Sheeting IBR Profile R694.95  
Closure Broad IBR Galvanised 04mm R27.95  
Galvanised Roof Sheeting IBR Profile R792.95  
Closure Narrow IBR Galvanised 04mm R27.95  
Ridge IBR Galvanised 1800x400x04mm


Ridge IBR Galvanised 3600x400x04mm R317.95  
Ridge IBR Galvanised 6000x400x04mm R502.95  
Galvanised Roof Sheeting IBR Profile R389.95  
Galvanised Roof Sheeting IBR Profile R452.95  
Galvanised Roof Sheeting IBR Profile R519.95  
Galvanised Roof Sheeting IBR Profile R584.95  
Galvanised Roof Sheeting IBR Profile R649.95  
Galvanised Roof Sheeting IBR Profile R714.95  


Where to buy ibr roofing sheets.

Purchase brand new roofing sheets online from:

  • Cashbuild
  • co.za

Or you can visit any building materials store near you to make a purchase. Clotan Steel are trusted IBR Roof Sheeting suppliers in South Africa, supplying construction companies and individuals on the African continent with quality steel building products.

For more information call Clotan Steel on +27 (0) 16 986 8000.

ibr roofing
ibr roofing

It is always advised that you get a professional advice from an expect.


IBR roofing sheets prices at Cashbuild


Storing ibr roofing sheets

If you intend using the sheet later, it is recommended you store them safely to prevent damage.  Store sheets on flat surface in a well-protected dry area. Do not expose to direct sunlight as it may cause distortion.

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