Floor Sanding Price Per Square Metre South Africa

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If your timber floors are looking drab, timber floor sanding can greatly improve its appearance as well as their endurance and resilience.

The first question most of us have is how much it costs to sand and polish a floor. Here we discuss the fundamentals to assist you in calculating the cost of a timber floor sanding operation.

Floor sanding cost considerations

The cost of your timber floor sanding job will be determined by a number of factors, including:

  • The size, in square metres, of your floor
  • How much preparation work is required
  • The condition of your timber flooring
  • The type of timber to be sanded
  • What sealer or coating you want
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If your timber floors have elevated nails or splinters, your floor sander will have to work around them. The rate is likely to rise as more time is spent completing the floor sanding and polishing.

Types Of Timber Flooring

There are a number of different types of timber flooring, including:

  • Floating timber flooring is typically laid over your existing floor, and consists of a layer of real timber, with a backing and foam acoustic underlay.
  • Structural timber flooring is laid on bearers and joists and is what you will find in older properties such as workers cottages or Victorian terraces. Another term for it is tongue and groove flooring, which describes how they interlock when laid. This type of timber flooring is typically nailed down.
  • Parquetry or block parquetry is a patterned collection of timber dowels that are glued to your floor and then is coated. It is hard wearing and is laid in a variety of patterns including basketweave, herringbone and square-on-square.
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Floor Sanding Price Per Square Metre South Africa

Sanding and sealing costs between R 145.00 and R 240.00 per m2 depending on the size of the area and the amount of sanding necessary. It also depends on the type of SEALANT utilized. Certain sealants are more costly than others. These pricing are based on local products rather than imported products such as Loba, Bona, Monocot, and so on. These would raise the price per m2.

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