Requirements For Radiography In Medunsa

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About Medunsa Campus

The University of Limpopo, Medunsa Campus, Department of Radiology and Imaging is an academic department that provides highly specialized care to patients who require state-of-the-art diagnostic image or imaging-guided therapy.

Every day, the local community, as well as referring clinicians from the Dr. George Mukhari Hospital, where the department is located, and level 2 hospitals in the Gauteng, Limpopo, and North West provinces, make referrals for rare and challenging cases.

A radiography postgraduate program, medical student education, and allied health professional training are all available through the department.

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Services Offered

The department is well-equipped with modern amenities, and it provides the following services:

General Radiography


Digital Mammography

Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI)

Computerized Tomography (CT)


Interventional Radiology

Academic Programmes

Medical Doctorate (M.Med) Diagnostic Radiology is a four-year curriculum that trains registrants to become Specialist Radiologists. Two sets of exams are required of the applicant radiologist:

Part 1: Radiological Anatomy and Radiological Physics and Isotope Medicine. This includes two written and two oral examinations. This is written at the end of the first year.

Part 2: Final examination, which comprises of two written papers, a film reporting session, as well as an oral examination in clinical radiology. This is written at the end of the fourth year.

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Research: A candidate is required to submit a research dissertation as a partial requirement for qualification.

Requirements For Radiography In Medunsa

To work as a diagnostic radiographer, you must first have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in diagnostic radiography. Degree programs can be completed in three to four years full time or up to six years part time. Some postgraduate courses might take up to two years to complete. After you finish your degree, you must register with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) before you can practice. Another alternative is to apply for a degree in apprenticeship.

Entry requirements for an undergraduate course are typically:

  • Five GCSEs (grades A-C), including English language, maths and science
  • Two of three A levels, including physics, chemistry or biology/human biology.
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Or equivalent qualifications:

  • A BTEC, HND or HNC which includes science.
  • A relevant NVQ.
  • A science-based access course.
  • Equivalent Scottish or Irish qualifications.

Each university has its unique admissions standards, so check with them directly. In most circumstances, academic qualifications are considered alongside the results of an interview and other screening processes. It’s also a good idea to volunteer with a diagnostic radiology team to gain a sense of what the job entails.

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