Pressure Pumps For Water Tanks Prices. Full details

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Water pressure pumps, also known as booster pumps, are designed to help enhance the volume and pressure of water flowing from various water sources to a water output.

One of the most important reasons to install a pressure pump is to help with the correction of low water pressure, which can be a very frustrating condition to have, especially when it comes to activities like showering under a trickle of water or waiting for a glass of water to fill.

The following are some frequently asked questions about pressure pumps:

How Pressure Pump Work

A pressure pump is essentially a fan that is powered by electricity. The fan/blades impeller’s spin around to promote water circulation and are powered by an electric motor.

Every pressure pump has an input and an outlet, as well as sensing devices, usually a pressure switch or flow control, to help maintain the proper amount of pressure. A pump pressure switch can be fitted to provide better control over the cut-off pressure and other parameters.

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When Is A Pressure Pump Needed?

A pressure pump can help with a variety of household water pressure issues. A pressure pump can be utilized in any situation where a higher flow rate or higher water pressure is required, or to transport water from point A to point B.

Typical applications include:

– Bringing water out of a water/rain harvesting tank
– Increasing a home’s household pressure if it is too low
– Increasing water pressure for irrigation systems
– Pumping water from an alternative water source such as a river, pond or stream
– Feeding water to an apparatus that might require high volumes of water at a higher pressure for an industrial application.
– Boost water pressure as a result of low supply from city water.
– Push water from ground levels up multiple levels.

Causes Low Water Pressure

– Gravity – pumping uphill or to a house with multiple levels
– Distance from the water source – the further the distance, the lower the pressure due to friction losses in the pipe.
– Size of water pipes – if water pipes are too small, lower volumes of water will run through and more pressure will be lost due to the friction of the water moving through the pipeline.
– Low city water pressure.
– Overuse of your water system by adding additional systems such as fixtures or irrigation systems.
– Plumbing problems such as clogged pipes, faulty pressure valves, small pipes, leaks etc. These issues can not be solved with a pressure pump.

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How To Select A Pressure Pump

The first step to selecting the correct pressure pump is to know what it is going to be used for;

– Over what distance will the water be moved?
– What is the size of the pipe through which the water will be pumped?
– Is the water source above or below the pump?
– Know the extent to which the pressure pump needs to work – Is the house a multiple-story unit, with one or two bathrooms?
– How much water do you need to move or how many outlets must the pump be able to supply at one time?
– How much pressure is needed?
These are important questions and factors that will influence the type and quality pump that need to be purchased. The further the water needs to travel, the more robust the pump needs to be. Water weighs a lot and the longer the distance & the steeper the height the water needs to travel, the more pressure is put on the pump.

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Secondly, you need to consider the following when purchasing a pressure pump:

– Flow rate: How much water can the pressure pump produce?

– Pressure boost: How much pressure can the pump add to the existing water pressure?

– Power: How much power does the pump require to operate?

Pressure Pumps For Water Tanks Prices

Below are the prices of pressure pumps for water tanks in south africa.

JoJo Tanks Booster Pump – Blue (0.37KW) R1,675
Booster Pump – Black/Blue (0.37KW) R1,645
Gransa Stainless Steel Jet Booster Pump – Black (0.75KW) R3,690
Gransa Stainless Steel Jet Booster Pump – Black (0.55KW) R3,220
JoJo Tanks Variable Speed Booster Pump (0.75kW) R6,400
Gransa Centrifugal Pump – Blue (0.37KW) R1,925


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