Solar Panels Prices In Pretoria

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A solar cell panel, solar electric panel, photovoltaic (PV) module, or solar panel is an installation-ready arrangement of photovoltaic cells installed in a framework. Solar panels generate direct current electricity by using sunlight as a source of energy. A PV panel is a collection of PV modules, while an array is a system of PV panels. A photovoltaic system’s arrays provide solar electricity to electrical equipment.

Types of Solar Systems

  1. Off the grid – This system is totally self-contained and operates independently of the national grid. This technology necessitates the use of batteries to store electricity that can be used when there is an excess of it.
  2. Grid interactive / Battery backup / Hybrid System – This system is essentially the same setup as an off grid option, but it is the most common system for residential customers because it is connected to the power grid. This technology allows you to remain off the grid while yet having access to a grid connection. You also don’t need a large battery bank to get through days with little or no sunlight.
  3. Grid Tied – This device simply complements your electricity consumption with solar power. Because there are no batteries in this system, you have no protection against power interruptions at night or when there is little or no sunlight available. This method is more popular with commercial clients since it allows them to replenish their usage during peak daytime hours rather than peak residential nighttime hours.

Best Solar Panels in South Africa

Canadian Solar Panels, South Africa

Canadian Solar has over 1,200 clients throughout the world and has delivered over 36 GW of high-quality solar modules to customers in over 160 countries over the last two decades.

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The following are some of the solar modules manufactured by the company:

  • All-Black: Aesthetics
  • BiKu: Bifacial
  • BiHiKu: 400 W + Bifacial
  • Dymond: Double-glass
  • HiKu: 400+Watt
  • HiDM: High-density shingle
  • Ku: High efficiency
  • MaxPower: 72 cells
  • Standard: 60 cells

The specified solar panels are resistant to high temperatures, high humidity, sandstorms, ultraviolet light, and corrosion and do not suffer from Potential Induced Degradation (PID).

Seraphim Solar Panels, South Africa

Seraphim Solar, founded in 2011, has earned a reputation for delivering world-class solar products. Seraphim Solar’s South African office is on Ikhala Road in the Eastern Cape.

The company focuses in solar cell and solar module research, development, manufacture, and sales.

Apart from South Africa, Seraphim’s global operations are scattered across China, Japan, and Australia.

The following solar items are manufactured by the company:

Solar Modules: 

  • Standard series
  • 1500V series
  • Dual glass series
  • Eclipse Series
  • Bifacial Series
  • Blade Bifacial
  • Blade Series
  • Eclipse Mini.

Solar Cells: 

  • Polly solar cell
  • Mono solar cell

BNEF lists Seraphim as a Tier 1 solar module producer. The company’s current global production capacity is 5GW.

SHARP Solar Panels, South Africa

Sharp started mass producing solar cells in 1963. Sharp solar panels are sold in South Africa by wholesalers/distributors and resellers.

Sharp offers polycrystalline and monocrystalline photovoltaic solar panels with capacities ranging from 258W to 300W:

  • NQR258H: These 48-cell monocrystalline modules have the highest efficiency of 20.0%. The capacity of the modules is 258W.
  • NUAK300B: Completely black monocrystalline solar modules with 300W capacity.
  • NDAK275: Polycrystalline solar modules with 275W capacity, available at a low price.
  • ND-AF330C: Polycrystalline solar modules with 330W capacity.
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Sharp solar modules are used by over 1 million clients worldwide. If all of the modules were combined (12GW), they would be able to completely circumnavigate the globe.

Yingli Solar Panels, South Africa

Yingli Solar is headquartered in Baoding, China, and its solar panels are sold in a variety of nations worldwide, including South Africa.

In fact, Yingli Solar has exported solar panels with a total capacity of 20 GW to over 90 countries to far.

Yingli Solar’s solar modules feature its award-winning innovative solar technology.

The company’s vertically integrated business approach encompasses the full solar panel manufacturing process, from polysilicon to ingots, and from solar cells to high-quality solar panels.

Among the solar PV modules manufactured by the firm are:

  • Smart Series: YGE 60 Cell Series 2 HSF Smart, YGE 72 Cell Series 2 HSF Smart, YLM 60 Cell HSF Smart, and YLM 72 Cell HSF Smart.
  • VG Series: YGE-VG 60 Cell Series 2, YGE-VG 72 Cell Series 2, YLM-VG 60 Cell,
  • YLM-VG 72 Cell
  • UL 1500V: YGE 60 Cell Series 2 1500V, YGE 72 Cell Series 2 1500V, YLM 60 Cell 1500V, and YLM 72 Cell 1500V.
  • UL Standard Series Solar Modules: Solar modules in this series are YGE 60 Cell Series 2, YGE 72 Cell Series 2, YLM 60 Cell, and YLM 72 Cell.

Homeowners, businesses, and communities all over the world are frequently confronted with energy and environmental issues.

Jinko Solar Panels, South Africa

Jinko Solar is one of the world’s largest and most innovative solar module manufacturers.

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Solar products and services are distributed to a diverse international utility, commercial, and residential customer base in South Africa, China, the United States, Japan, Germany, the United Kingdom, Chile, India, and many other countries.

As of June 30, 2019, JinkoSolar had created a vertically integrated solar product value chain with an annual capacity of 10.5 GW for silicon wafers, 7.4 GW for solar cells, and 12.6 GW for solar modules.

The following are the solar modules manufactured by the company:

  • Eagle Series: Eagle 60 and Eagle 72.
  • Eagle PERC: Eagle PERC 60 and Eagle PERC 72.
  • Cheetah Mono PERC HC: Cheetah HC 60M and Cheetah HC 72M.
  • Cheetah Mono PERC: Cheetah 60M and Cheetah 60M.
  • Cheetah Mono PERC Dual: Cheetah Dual 60M and Cheetah Dual 72M.
  • Swan Transparent Backsheet HC: Swan Bifacial HC 60M and Swan Bifacial HC 72M.
  • Swan Dual Glass HC: Swan Bifacial 60H and Swan Bifacial 72H.

JinkoSolar has seven manufacturing sites and 15 international subsidiaries worldwide.

Solar Panels Prices In Pretoria

CNBM 120W Solar Panel Mono R1,120.00
CNBM 160W Solar Panel Poly R1,600.00
CNBM 275W Solar Panel Poly R1,920.00
CNBM 330W Solar Panel Poly R2,320.00
JA Solar 455W Mono PERC Half-Cell MBB R3,200.00
JA Solar 540W Mono PERC Half-Cell MBB R3,700.00
Haitai 340W Half-Cell Poly Panel R2,300.00
Haitai 455W Half-cut Mono Perc Panel R2,970.00
Haitai 545W Half-cut Mono Perc Panel R3,500.00
Jinko Solar Panel Tiger 470W Mono-Facial R2,950.00


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