Laminate Floor Cleaner Prices, Types in South Africa

Laminate floors require constant cleaning to maintain a good shape, color, and design. To ensure all stains are wiped off, laminate floors need to be well cleaned using the best laminate floor cleaner.

There are several cleaning solutions for laminate floors in the South African market. In this guide, you will be abreast with the most suitable laminate floor cleaners for your home or office: we will discuss the types, prices, where to buy them, and any other relevant information.

Do you want to make your laminate flooring appear better and last longer?

Because these floorings require special care and cannot withstand excessive wetness, it’s critical to pick a laminate floor cleaner carefully.

You should never apply wax or polish on your laminate floors, according to flooring experts, because it will leave a dull residue.

Furthermore, moisture can easily seep between boards and be absorbed by the fiberboard core, causing it to swell and distort.

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To reduce the amount of liquid that gets applied to your floors, use rinse-free formulations sparingly, coupled with microfiber mops or cleaning cloths.


Prices of Laminate Floor Cleaners in South Africa


Price: R149.95


Cobra Citrus Shine Laminate Floor Cleaner

Quantity: 750ml

Price: R69.99


TFC Laminated Wood Cleaner

Laminate Cleaner is a safe and simple to use cleaner for all laminated and sealed wooden floors of good quality.

Laminate Cleaner helps to avoid soiling and tenacious stains on laminate floors.

The lifespan of the floor will be extended if it is kept clean.

Laminate Cleaner will not harm the laminate’s protective surface, sealer, or sealed floor.

Laminate Cleaner has a nice scent about it.

All laminates, sealed timber floors, and most other surfaces are safe to use with Laminate Cleaner.

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Quantity: 1 Lt

Price: R 69.90


Clean Day Concentrated Laminate Floor – White

Quantity: 1L

Price: R65


Laminated Wood Floor Cleaner

The Earth Friendly Laminated Wood Floor Cleaner contains bergamot and jasmine extracts for a deep clean made with natural chemicals.

The plant-based cleaner effectively removes grime from sealed hardware and laminate floors.

Formaldehyde, ammonia, dioxane, and dyes are not present.

Foaming trigger that is not made of metal

Cleaning power drawn from nature: grey water safe, biodegradable, and antibacterial components

Quantity: 500 ml

Price: R 59.99


How to clean laminated Floor

  • Sweeping and vacuuming your floors on a daily basis can help keep dirt from accumulating.

While some suppliers claim that laminate flooring is scratch-resistant, most hard flooring will scratch if there is enough debris on it, causing the finish to deteriorate.

To clean your laminate floors, use a soft brush or a soft vacuum attachment.

Scratching is a common problem with hard brushes.

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  • Spills should be cleaned up as soon as possible.

Because water can harm laminate floors, it’s essential to clean up accidents as quickly as possible.

Spills can ruin your flooring by staining them and even wearing away the protective layer.

Using a clean paper towel or cloth, wipe up the spill and make sure the floor is totally dry.


  • Every few months, give your floors a thorough cleaning.

Because life happens, pets have muddy paws, and kids spill cooldrink while watching their favorite program, it’s a good idea to give your laminate floors a thorough cleaning every few months.

Mop your floors with a bucket of warm water and an excellent laminate floor cleaner.

Remember to properly wring out the mop so that your floor is only slightly damp rather than soaking wet.

To avoid long-term damage, don’t allow puddles to accumulate on your floors.

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