How Much Is A Roadworthy Certificate

Roadworthy certificate is required of all new and used vehicles in South Africa. Get to know how much a roadworthy certificate cost in South Africa. In this post, you’ll also be shown where to go for a roadworthy test in South Africa.

Everything you need to know about roadworthy testing and roadworthy certificate can be found in today’s post.

About Roadworthy Test In South Africa

The South African National Roads Agency (SANRAL) is responsible for conducting a roadworthy test to ensure that a car or vehicle is reliable for use. It is mandatory for every car owner to have their car tested.

A roadworthy certificate is issued after a successful roadworthy test.

The Cost Of Roadworthy Test In South Africa

Averagely, the cost of a roadworthy test in South Africa falls between R200 and R300. However, the cost isn’t the same for all vehicles. Basically, the cost is determined by the type of vehicle being tested.

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Why A Roadworthy Certificate In South Africa? 

By estimation, about 50%—80% of vehicles in the Western Cape and the Zulu-Natal province are not roadworthy. Most often, cars that are not roadworthy are responsible for 6%—9% accidents on our roads. In simple terms, roadworthy certificate is put in place to ensure that all vehicles or motors are safe to use on our roads.

Time It Takes To Roadworthy A Car In South Africa

Ideally, it takes about 30 minutes to roadworthy a vehicle. But then, the time may differ based on the vehicle’s condition. In some cases, the mechanic’s experience equally counts. With regards to the number of cars in line, expect the time to be around 20—30 minutes.

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Benefits Of A Roadworthy Certificate

In the course of buying a vehicle, it is necessary to take note of its roadworthiness. A roadworthy certificate attests that the vehicle is in good condition, safe to drive and must be incurred by the car owner. A roadworthy license is needed in order for the driver car to be safe.

Procedures For Acquiring A Roadworthy Certificate In South Africa

1. Get to the closest car testing station alongside the following:

  • Your car’s registration certificate.
  • Your identity document (ID).
  • The prescribed fee. 

2. Completely fill the Application for Certification Of Roadworthiness (ACR) form.

NB: Your application will be processed on that day.

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Some Accredited Roadworthy Testing Stations /Centers In South Africa

  • Avis VOLTE

NB: Please let us know if you know any of the accredited stations so that we can add up to the list. 

Cost Of A Roadworthy Certificate In South Africa

How Much Is A Roadworthy Certificate?

The cost of a roadworthy certificate in South Africa is R500 — R550.

Duration Of Roadworthy Certificate In South Africa

A valid roadworthy certificate shows that the car has met roadworthiness. You may want to know how long does it takes for a roadworthy certificate to be valid in South Africa. The answer is six (6) months. In principle, a roadworthy certificate is valid for six (6) months in South Africa.

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