Freddy Hirsch Spices Price List. Full Details

Welcome to our blog, in this post, we will be taking you through Freddy Hirsch’s spices price list in South Africa. Kindly stay with us.

About Freddy Hirsch

The Freddy Hirsch Group places a premium on technical innovation and customer service. To provide effective solutions to our customers, our team is committed to building robust processing systems and high-quality goods. We serve the red meat and poultry processing sectors with spice, food ingredients, casings, and equipment, ensuring flavorful meals every time.

Freddy Hirsch Food Ingredients 

Our culinary ingredient mixes are made at our blending facility and sold in full packs. This implies that the quality and flavour of each batch is consistent. Furthermore, the full packs are cost-effective, reducing waste, labour, and storage costs. Whatever type of product you have, we have a pack for you: Boerewors, Braaiwors, Sausages, Burgers, Meat Mixes, Biltong, Droewors, Salami, Cabanossi, Bacons, Hams, Vienna sausages, Russian sausages, Polonies, Loaves, Brines, Marinades, Sauces, Rubs, Sprinkles & Seasonings, Glazes, Breadings & Coatings, as well as for Prepared Meals (HMR) such as Roast Chicken, Chip spice, Curry, Desserts, Sauces, Stews, Stock and Thickeners.

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Freddy Hirsch Spices Price List

Below is the price list of Freddy Hirsh spices in South Africa.

Spice  Flavour Price /kg

Whole Coriander Seeds

Piquant, bitter and fruity flavour. R119.07

Whole Black Peppercorns

Warm, aromatic and pungent with a sharp bite. R232.83
Cloves Ground Pungent, strong and sweet with a bitter, astringent flavour as well.  R797.70
Ground Coriander Piquant, bitter and fruity flavour.  R79.99
Garlic Powder pungent, savoury flavour. R129.97
Ground Ginger Strong flavour with a subtle taste of camphor and lemony pepperiness. R342.46
Mustard Ground Spicy, aromatic and rustic taste with a mild burn. R167.27
Onion Powder Typical onion flavour. R176.43
Paprika Rosen Sweet and fruity flavour like the pepper it was ground from. R137.24
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Ground Black Pepper Warm, aromatic and pungent with a sharp bite. R189.53
White Pepper Ground Mellow, slightly fermented taste with less of a sharp bite than black pepper. R258.53
Mixed Peppers (Green & Red) Red & Green Bell Peppers (Irradiated). R244.93
Cayenne Pepper Ground Earthy flavour with a hot burn. R133.11
Turmeric Ground Light musky flavour with peppery notes. R213.41
Crushed Coriander Piquant, bitter and fruity flavour. R73.14
Chillies Crushed Earthy flavour with a hot burn. R184.70
Coarse Pepper Black Warm, aromatic and pungent with a sharp bite. R278.76
Roasted Whole Coriander Piquant, bitter and fruity flavour with a roasted note. R79.22
Crushed Pepper Black Warm, aromatic and pungent with a sharp bite. R232.13
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What’s Cooking Paprika Powder Tub Typical paprika flavour R132.79
Parsley Rubbed Rubbed parsley. R178.33
Mustard Whole Whole mustard seeds. R181.41
Paprika Asta 140 Ground paprika with a bright red colour. R140.73


Where to buy Freddy Hirsch Spices 

You can get Freddy Hirsch spices in any supermarket near you or if you want to order online for convenience sake, just visit

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