Container House Price. Shipping Container House Prices In South Africa

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The inability of the majority of South African citizens to own a home in this economy, where the average house price exceeds R1 million, has resulted in an unprecedented demand for alternate options, as housing is one of man’s most fundamental requirements. Innovative micro-apartments and container dwellings are currently being promoted.

Remember that containers have long been associated with freight and cargo because that was their initial purpose. Containers are quickly becoming an alternative affordable house for South Africans, and their popularity is increasing worldwide.

Following the trend, some developers are transforming the concept into medical clinics, portable offices, schools, shopping malls, and other uses.

Types of Luxury Container Homes in South Africa

The following are types of Luxury Container Homes in South Africa.

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1. Copia Eco Cabins

In South Africa, the Copia Eco Cabins are an example of a luxury container home. It is made up of two 40-foot containers. Berman-Kalil in Bot Rivier Valley, South Africa, is an example of this.

2. Black and White Container Home

This type of luxury home can be found among the collection of modern shipping container homes on IdealK Construction, and it’s stunning. The ground level is almost entirely glazed, creating an indoor/outdoor feel.

3. Canyon City Container Home

This Canyon City container cabin exemplifies contemporary design. A lot of glass is used in the design, and the containers appear to be stacked loosely. The house, designed by Tomecek Studio Architecture, is made up of two bedrooms, two bathrooms, and even guest accommodations, and is made up of one 40′ container and six 20′ containers.

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Container House Price In South Africa

Container homes in South Africa cost on average $8,910 for a bachelor apartment with a shower, built-in cupboards, kitchenette, and bathroom (R120,000). These are exquisitely finished homes with sliding doors, flooring, windows, and various exterior cladding options.

Additionally, a two-bedroom home with extra features such as an oven may cost anywhere from R15,250 to R200,000.

Compared to a residence built with blocks or bricks in South Africa, it is 40–60 per cent less expensive.

Cost Of Building A Shipping Container House In South Africa

In South Africa, a lovely big house made of shipping containers costs between $150,000 and $200,000.

Those with construction experience, however, may finish and furnish a shipping container home for as little as $12,000.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Shipping Container Home Water Proof?

Shipping Containers home are not waterproof but they are water-resistant.

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The container, however, is capable to keep out normal weather such as rain/snow/precipitation. But if the containers are submerged then they will get leaked the same when they are flooded.

How Much Does It Cost To Purchase A Shipping Container?

The cost to purchase a shipping container e.g 20 ft shipping unit of Length – 6M Width – 3M Height – 2.69M goes for R13,000.

40 ft shipping unit of Length- 12 M Width – 3M Height- 2.36M goes for

R18,000 and above on retail price.

Are Container Homes Legal in South Africa?

Yes, they are legal in South Africa in as much as you comply with building regulations.

Invariably, full architectural plans with council approval are required, just as when building with bricks and blocks.

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