Concrete Tiles Prices In South Africa. Full Details

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About Concrete Tile?

Concrete tiles are often produced by local manufacturers who use recycled materials, such as crushed glass, recycled aggregates, and silica fume. Concrete tiles can also be made from a mixture of sand, cement, colour pigment, and a marble powder that is poured into metal moulds, backed by a dry concrete mixture, and then compressed under 2,000 pounds of pressure.

Who Makes Concrete Tile?

Concrete tiles come in a variety of styles and finishes to fit almost any design motif. Of course, smooth concrete tiles that look like conventional ceramic are available. Organic textures that mimic natural materials like wood, bamboo, or stone are also available from manufacturers. Many odd or novel patterns and finishes, such as tyre tread impressions, cloud patterns, and metallic finishes, are available for the braver. Tile sizes can often be customised to meet the application and location.

Benefits Of Using Concrete Tiles 

They are a hardwearing option for any room.

Cement tiles can withstand a lot of wear and tear, making them an excellent choice for high-traffic areas. As long as the tiles are correctly fitted and maintained, you won’t have to worry about stains or scratches because their surface is quite hardwearing. These tiles, especially ceramic tiles, will outlast many others. With a little maintenance, a cement tile floor may look as wonderful as the day it was laid.

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Cement tiles can be used for many purposes.

Cement tiles aren’t just for flooring; they may also be used to tile walls, floors, and pretty much anything else. You can use these tiles wherever and however, you want thanks to their versatile functionality. To create a contemporary wet room effect, you might even tile the entire bathroom.

They’re easy to care for.

Cement tiles are fairly straightforward to maintain once they have been placed and sealed. Cement tiles, unlike other solid flooring materials such as wood or stone, do not require regular care such as refinishing or resealing. In truth, cement tiles only require occasional resealing and mopping.

A cement tile floor can help insulate your home.

Cement tiles have a large thermal mass, which means they retain heat well. Installing a cement tile floor can help keep your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter, lowering your air conditioning and heating expenditures in the summer and winter, respectively.


Cement floors can be installed very quickly.

Cement tile installation may be completed quickly by an experienced professional, and the finished product has an instant designer flair. This makes them an excellent solution for folks who want a stunning floor in a short amount of time. Because you let the Thinset dry first, then the grout, then the sealant, this is a little deceiving. All of these procedures require time.

There’s a large variety of design patterns and styles available.

One of the biggest benefits of cement tiles is the sheer amount of choice when it comes to design. There’s a massive selection available from plain tiles for a simple look to intricate patterns that make a real style statement and everything in between. Tiles can be combined to make a unique pattern or design feature, and you could even create your own cement tile rug.

There’s a huge range of colours to choose from.

Even the most discriminating homeowners will be able to discover the perfect colour among the vast selection of tiles. You’ll find the appropriate tile colour for your needs, whether you want to make a statement or want a more subdued look for your floor. You can use the next benefit if you really can’t discover the appropriate match or colour combination.

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They’re customizable so you can create your own design.

One of the most intriguing features of cement tiles is that they may be manufactured in small batches (min 50 square feet). This means that if you can’t find a design or colour combination that meets your demands, you can design and create your own tile. Inquire about colour matching services if your tile requires a colour that isn’t now available in the colour palette.

Concrete Tiles Prices In South Africa

Below is how much it will cost you to install concrete floor tiles in your house or office.

Concrete Tile Flooring – Material Prices $130.00 – $155.00 $160.00 – $195.00 $250.00 – $365.00
Concrete Tile Flooring – Installation Cost $125.00 – $135.00 $150.00 – $165.00 $170.00 – $190.00
Concrete Tile Flooring – Total $255.00 – $290.00 $310.00 – $360.00 $420.00 – $555.00
Concrete Tile Flooring – Total Average Cost per square foot $2.73 $3.35 $4.88


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