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Being one of the highest-paid world actresses, Charlize Theron net worth has been a point of curiosity for many South Africans. This article highlights how much Charlize Theron is worth.

We’ll consider her source of income, assets, businesses, career and many more. Stay with me as I bring you Charlize Theron net worth in 2020.


About Charlize

Charlize Theron is a South African and American actress and producer.

She was born on August 7, 1975 in Guateng, South Africa. She is the only child of her parents, Gerda and Charles Theron who is late.

Theron attended Putfontein Primary School (Laerskool Putfontein). At 13, she enrolled in the National School of the Arts in Johannesburg.

Born: 7 August 1975

Age: 45 years

charlize theron net worth
charlize theron


Theron began her carrier at an early age. At 16, she had won a one-year modelling contract and already started dancing as well.

The modelling contract was supposed to be executed in Europe so Theron moved with her mother to Milan where she spent a year modelling in Europe. The two, later moved to the United States after the end of the contract.

In the US, she enrolled in Joffrey Ballet School, where she trained to become a ballet dancer. She later terminated that career due to an unfortunate knee injury in 2008.

She had planned to work in the movie industry, so she flew to Los Angeles to pursue that dream.

In 1995, Theron landed her first non-speaking role in a movie called Children of the Corn III: Urban Harvest. Fast forward she bagged her first speaking role in Helga Svelgen the hitwoman in 2 Days in the valley (1996).

She got attention from lovers of the movie, not only for her role, but her beauty and the scenes she played.

She is one of the most popular actresses in South Africa and listed as one of the highest-paid actresses in the World.

Theron rose to fame from the 1990s where she had the opportunity to star in several Hollywood movies. She gained worldwide recognition in 2003 after starring in the Heist film. This movie was a huge success as it was able to gross about US$176 million.

Since then to present, she’s been a sought-after character in the international film industry and a role model to many.


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Business endorsements

Many are the endorsement Theron has had over the years. Through these business endorsements, she has amassed a lot of wealth for herself.

In 2014, she signed a deal with John Galliano, a British fashion designer who have worked with top companies such as Givenchy, Christian Dior and his own firm John Galliano. Theron got signed as the spokeswoman in the J’Adore advertisement.

In 2008 she bagged another endorsement deal from Dior J’Adore. According to Wikipedia, Theron earned a whooping US$3 million for a deal signed with Raymond Weil watches.

She also got a brand ambassador deal for Breitling, a Swiss luxurious watch maker.

Since 2008, Theron has been officially recognized as a United Nations Messenger of Peace.


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Charlize Businesses and Assets

Theron has her own film production company, Denver and Delilah Productions, where she has produced several films, in many of which she starred.


Charlize Net Worth, 2020

As of 2020, Charlize Theron net worth is approximately US$150 million (one hundred and fifty million US Dollars)


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Theron has won several awards and accolades to herself over the years including the Academy Award, the most famous and prestigious awards in the entertainment industry. In 2016 Time named her as one of the 100 most influential people in the world.

As of early 2020, Theron’s extensive film work has earned her 100 award nominations and 39 wins.


Family and children

Theron adopted two children: Jackson in March 2012 and daughter August in July 2015.

Theron was in a three-year relationship with singer Stephan Jenkins until October 2001.

Theron began a relationship with Irish actor Stuart Townsend after meeting him on the set of the 2002 film Trapped. The couple lived together in Los Angeles and Ireland. Theron split from Townsend in January 2010.

In December 2013, Theron began dating American actor Sean Penn. The two were rumoured to be engaged in December 2014. Theron ended their relationship in June 2015.

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