Can You Claim UIF If You Are Dismissed

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With the recent changes in the economy and TERS benefits lasting an indeterminate amount of time, we recognize that layoffs are unfortunately a reality.

The UIF’s COVID-19 and lockdown-specific benefit, Temporary Employer/Employee Relief Scheme (TERS), has helped thousands of employers retain their staff and ensure staff earned some income during the period; however, the financial strain placed on employers has led to many having to lay off their employees.

However, the UIF continues to provide unemployment compensation to employees who have been retrenched, terminated, or whose contracts have expired.

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How does the Unemployment Benefits work?

Those who have worked and contributed to UIF for four years will be paid up to 238 days. The UIF rates are defined by a benefit scale that ranges from 30-60% of your wage for the first 238 credit days and another flat 20% from 239 days to 365 credit days. Low-income earners receive a higher share of UIF.

Who can apply for the benefits?

Anyone who has contributed to the Fund and has been retrenched, sacked, or whose contract has expired is eligible to make a claim. Employees who have more than one employer and whose services have been terminated by one of them are also eligible to apply. Employees can apply up to 6 months after their job has ended.

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How does the adoption benefit work?

Adoption benefits are available if you lawfully adopt a kid under the age of two and leave your job to care for the child. Only one of the adopting parents is eligible to apply for benefits.

My spouse passed away, can I claim?

If the deceased’s wife/husband or minor kid contributed to the fund, the wife/husband or minor child can collect death benefits.

Can You Claim UIF If You Are Dismissed

When your employer ends your employment, you can claim for unemployment compensation through the Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF).

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The benefits are only available if you have contributed to the UIF while working. You cannot file a claim if you have quit, been suspended, or gone missing from work. If the Commission for Conciliation, Mediation, and Arbitration (CCMA) finds your resignation to be a constructive dismissal, you may file a claim.

To be eligible for assistance, you must first register as a job seeker. You must apply for UIF benefits as soon as you become jobless or within six months of losing your job.

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  1. Just got what I think might of question mark in relation to UIF. this relates to a person dismissed for misconduct. There is an assertion that people who have been dismissed for misconduct are not eligible to claim for UIF in South Africa. How true is that.


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