Cost Of Building A Broiler Chicken House In South Africa

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The South African poultry industry has growth opportunities for new entrepreneurs and small-scale farmers, so now might be the best time to enter the industry, but you’re going to need at least R20,000 to 50,000 to start a profitable business – depending on how big or small you’re starting.

According to Dr Nkhane Baldwin Nengovhela of the Department of Agriculture, Land Reform and Rural Development, the poultry industry has a lot of room for growth and so young people are being encouraged to take advantage of the business opportunities it presents.

“The chicken business is one of the most advanced farming industries in the world. I believe that all young people should consider farming. When you think of biotechnology, you can’t help but think of a day-old chick developed for meat or a layer raised to be able to lay an egg “he stated last week during a virtual poultry masterclass webinar.

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Starting up

The first step for people interested in beginning a small-scale chicken farm is to determine which sector of the industry they wish to grow in. You can either raise day-old chicks to sell to other farmers or hatch eggs to sell to huge corporations and other aspiring small farms.

Some small-scale farmers who have been in the business for more than a decade do both.


To maintain hens for farming reasons, you must first become acquainted with your municipality’s animal keeping legislation. These provide guidelines for where your farm can be located, animal care, and other requirements.

After you’ve gotten it arranged, you’ll need to create a structure for your chickens. Momubaghan believes that a zinc framework is the greatest solution. A zinc structure, she claims, will cost between R16,000 and R20,000 for 500 chicks.

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Mtyoki, on the other hand, chose a brick structure that cost him R45,000 to build. However, he also claims that zinc is less expensive.

From chicks to chickens

You must be aware of the market to which you are catering. The broiler market, which sells birds for meat, or the layer market, which sells chickens that lay eggs.

A carton of 100 day-old chicks would cost you between R850 and R950 depending on where you live in the country. You’d need R4,200 to acquire 500 chicks from Momubaghan, who hatches her own.


“Feed is so expensive, and a lot of people are thinking of creating their own, which is difficult,” Momubaghan advised.

It’s crucial to remember that chickens don’t eat just anything, according to her.

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“We’ve got the starter, the broiler starter, the broiler grower, and the broiler finisher.” It costs between R300 and R350 in Pretoria.

“They don’t eat the same thing all the time.” They begin with the one that kickstarts their digestive system. “There’s the grower, who helps them develop faster, and then there’s the finisher, who gives them weight and flesh,” she explained.

Vaccines And Antibiotics

Chicks must be inoculated on the first day after hatching. It is then the new owner’s responsibility to ensure that they receive all of the further immunizations and antibiotics that they require as they develop. According to Momubaghan, the broilers receive four immunizations and the layers receive six.

Buying vaccinations for 1,000 chicks costs R120.

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