Woman Carvela Spitz Prices

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Spitz has developed from the humble beginnings of a single store in Johannesburg CBD launched by Anthony and David Spitz in 1968 to become synonymous with the excellence of the premium international brands it offers in store.

Spitz locations across the country have been created to be welcoming places for consumers to not only have access to high quality exclusive International footwear brands, but also to have a great shopping experience that will have them coming back for more.

Spitz has consistently managed to build and nurture a loyalty with its customers that has been passed down from generation to generation, thanks to a brand built on exceptional relationships, trustworthiness, and outstanding quality.

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Spitz empowers all those who wear its International brands to exude confidence, whether at home or on the red carpet. Spitz is the aspirational footwear retailer of choice, known for selling desirable, high grade goods.

Carvela Heritage

Carvela is recognized for its elegance, beauty, and craftsmanship in handcrafted Italian shoes that are sought after all over the world. The footwear exudes the very essence of desirability and is the result of a one-of-a-kind marriage of craftsman’s tradition and current innovation.

Carvela has become one of South Africa’s most recognizable brands, beautifully constructed from the best materials, and continues to deliver hand-crafted shoes in a variety of colors, leathers, textiles, and designs.

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Carvela’s tradition is timeless: handcrafted shoes manufactured with the same love and dedication that started it all in 1968.

Woman Carvela Spitz Prices

Below are the price of woman carvela spitz.

Carvela 5 Step Fringe Leather Moccasin R2,195.00
Carvela 5 Step Trim Suede Moccasin R2,195.00
Carvela 5 Step Glitter Boot Moccasin R2,395.00
Carvela 322 Trim Pearlised Patent Moccasin R2,095.00
Carvela 5 Step Suede Plait Detail R1,995.00
Carvela Patent Moccasin R1,925.00
Carvela 375 Suede Lace-Up Moccasin R2,095.00
Carvela 1212 Suede Metallic Moccasin R1,995.00
Carvela 1515L Casual Embossed Suede Moccasin R2,295.00
Carvela 333 Bow Tie Leather Moccasin R1,895.00
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Carvela 5 Step Leather Double Strap Sandal R2,195.00
Carvela 5 Step Premium Sequin Moccasin R2,195.00
Carvela 322 Trim Pearlised Patent Moccasin R1,995.00
Carvela 5 Step Suede Premium Fringe Moccasin R2,195.00
Carvela 301 Crown Leather Sandal R2,095.00
Church’s Perforated Leather Monk Strap R5,995.00
AGL Leopard Print Chelsea R5,995.00
AGL Leather Chelsea Boot R5,995.00
AGL Buckled Fringe Brogue R4,495.00
AGL Patent Fringe Loafer R4,495.00
AGL Leather Fringe Loafer R4,495.00
AGL Premium Patent Lace-Up R4,495.00
AGL Multi Chunky Chain Loafer R4,495.00
AGL High Upfront Slipper R4,495.00
Carvela 5 Step Fringe Leather Sandal R2,195.00


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