Where To Buy Edible Prints For Cakes

It’s possible that your photos, logos, or other graphics can be printed on cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and other sweet treats you can think of. You can buy edible print for cakes at several places in South Africa.

Go through this post to find more information about edible prints for cakes and more importantly where you can buy edible prints for cakes in South Africa.

About Edible Prints For Cakes

Using an edible ink, edible images can be printed onto an edible icing paper. These images can be set (placed) on different kinds of confectionery products suchlike: cakes, cookies, cupcakes and pastries.

You may be wondering about the kinds of things that can be printed as an edible image. Quite simple, edible images are similar to other images that can be printed. What makes the difference is the type of ink and paper employed in the process.

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About Edible Image Sheets And Inks

Unlike the normal paper, edible sheets are usually made of rice, sugar, starch, potatoes, etc. Consuming them is safe and as soon as they’re applied over a cake, they dissolve in the frosting, allowing the image on the surface to be seen.

The edible inks that are employed in printing the images on edible sheets are equally made of edible ingredients.

How To Place Edible Images On A CakeĀ 

Most often, care should be taken because they’re fragile. Assuming you are in an area which is humid, and the icing sheet appears to stick a bit to the backing, first place your edible image in the freezer for not less than 10 minutes. Doing this will enable the sheet to toughen (harden) up, making it simple to take off the backing.

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Another important step is cutting the shape. Using an X-Acto blade, a knife, or a pair of scissors, gently cut your image out of the icing sheet while it’s still attached to the backing. After, take off the edible image from the backing paper.

Lastly, when you’re done taking off the backing paper, set your edible image onto your cake. Assuming you notice any bubbles (wrinkles), gently smooth them out using an offset spatula (or flat edged scraper).

About An Edible Printer

Edible ink printing involves the creation of preprinted images with edible food colors onto a variety of confectionery products like cookies, cakes, cupcakes and pastries. Custom images can be printed as well.

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Examples Edible Ink Printers

Examples of edible ink printers include: Canon MX922, Canon Pixma MG3620, Canon Pixma iX6820, Canon TS8320, Canon Pixma TS6320, Canon PIXMA TS6220, Canon PIXMA TS5020, Canon TS6020, etc.

Prices Of Edible Prints For Cake In South Africa

  • Printer A4 Only ranges from R1000 to R 1900
  • Printer A3 And A4 ranges R4000 to R5000
  • A4 Icing Sheets ranges from R 500 to R 700
  • Ink Cartridge Set ranges from R 1000 to R 1200

Where To Buy Edible Prints For Cakes

You can buy edible prints for cakes in South Africa from:

  • Georgie’s Baking Supplies
  • Eve’s Edible Printing
  • Desertcart South Africa
  • Laeeque Online
  • Baking Bonanza
  • honeybeeonline.co.za
  • thebakingtin.co.za
  • cabfoods.co.za
  • ohmcake.co.za
  • crystalcandy.co.za
  • cakeandbake.co.za
  • pencil.co.za

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