Umgeni Sand Prices In South Africa. Full Details

In this post, I am going to give you accurate Umgeni Sand prices in South Africa and other necessary information worth knowing about Umgeni Sand. 

Let’s first by looking at what Umgeni sand is and its uses before we turn our attention to the reason why you clicked on this post. 

What Is Umgeni Sand?

This sand when added to cement can be used for the topping of a floor. This sand is commonly used as a substitute for river sand for construction purposes.

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It can also be said to be a mix of compost-rich topsoil is great for feeding and levelling lawns. It can also be used to fill up flower beds.

Where Does Umgeni Sand Come From? 

Umgeni sand is derived from the bottom of the Umgeni riverbed. This sand is made up of small particles of decomposed rock (silica quartz), coral, minerals and shells and has been carefully crafted for over 25 thousand years. The result, to the end-user, however, is soft, angular sand that interlocks perfectly, like pieces of a puzzle.

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Benefits Of Umgeni Sand

Umgeni river sand can be used in a variety of places such as:

  • Concrete mix.
  • Screed mix.
  • Bedding soil for pipes and paving.
  • Horse arenas

Umgeni Sand Prices In South Africa

Prices of Umgeni sand are quoted per cubic metre and are competitive with the other players in the industry.

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After our careful research and consultation with dealers Umgeni sand. We found out that this sand is sold at an average price of R 485.00 per cubic meter. 

Note: Price does not include the cost of transportation. 

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