UIF Ui19 Form Full Details.

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What is a UI19 form?

Since 1 April 2003, employers have been required by law to register all employees (including domestic workers) with the Department of Labour’s Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF). They must also notify the UIF of any changes in the employee’s employment information.

The “statement of information of commercial employees and workers employed in a private household” is Form UI19. To update the Fund’s database, all employers must submit the form to the UIF by the 7th of each month.

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Declarations made by an employer in the UI19 Form must include:

  • Changes in the employer’s contact details;
  • Changes in the remuneration of an employee;
  • When a new employee has been employed; and
  • When an employee’s employment has been terminated.

Anyone who is paid is considered an employee. The Unemployment Insurance Act and Unemployment Insurance Contributions Act apply to all employees in South Africa, with the exception of:

  • workers employed for less than 24 hours a month with an employer;
  • learners;
  • public servants;
  • foreigners working on contract who are going to be repatriated at the end of their contract; and
  • employees who only earn commission.

How to submit a declaration to the UIF

Employers can make monthly declarations to the UIF through:

  • a UI19 form;
  • an electronic payroll system which is compliant with UIF declaration specifications; or
  • uFiling.

You can download the UI19 Form as a word document below. The form must be submitted to the UIF via:

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Electronic payroll systems declarations must be emailed to [email protected].

Claiming UIF

Employees who contributed to the UIF and were fired may file a claim against the UIF. Unemployed workers must get a UI19 form from their previous employer and submit it to their nearest unemployment office in order to file a claim for unemployment benefits labour centre, along with:

  • a bar-coded ID or passport;
  • form UI2.8 for banking details;
  • proof of registration as a work-seeker; and
  • salary schedule if there was a change in remuneration.

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