Tile Cutter Prices In South Africa

Tile cutters are used to cut ceramic tiles to a specific size or form. They exist in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from simple manual devices to complicated power tool attachments.

Hand tools

Beam score cutters, cutter boards

The ceramic tile cutter works by scratching a straight line through the tile’s surface with a hardened metal wheel, then putting pressure precisely beneath and on each side of the line on top. The snapping pressure varies greatly, with some mass-produced devices producing over 750 kg of force.

To keep the carriage inclined appropriately and the cut straight, the cutting wheel and breaking jig are combined in a carriage that travels along one or two beams. The beam(s) may be height adjustable to accommodate various tile thicknesses.

Adjustable fences for angled and square cuts, as well as fence stops for numerous cuts of the same size, may be found on the tool’s base.

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It’s simple to replace the scoring wheel.

About Tile Cutter

The first tile cutter was created to make masons’ jobs easier and to overcome problems with cutting hydraulic mosaic or encaustic cement tiles (a type of decorative tile with pigmented cement, highly used in 50s, due to the high strength needed because of the high hardness and thickness of these tiles).

The tool grew throughout time, adding features that improved its accuracy and productivity. The first cutter scratched the tiles with an iron point. The modern tungsten carbide scratching wheel eventually took its place.

The snapping element was another built-in gadget introduced in 1960. It allowed users to snap the tiles with ease rather than using the bench, cutter handle, or kneeling on the tile as was previously done. This was a breakthrough in the ceramic world’s cutting procedure.

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Types Of Hand Held Tile Cutters

Tile nippers

Tile nippers are little pairs of pincers that have had a portion of their width removed so that they may fit into small openings. They can be used to break off small edges of scored tiles or nibble off little chips to enlarge holes, among other things.

Glass Cutter

The tile can be snapped using a simple hand-held glass cutter to score smooth surface glazes.

Power Tools

A diamond blade is required to cut the harder grades of ceramic tiles, such as fully vitrified porcelain tiles, stone tiles, and some clay tiles with textured surfaces. The diamond blades are placed in the following places:

Types Of Power Tile Cutter

Angle grinders

An angle grinder can be used for short, sometimes curved cuts. It can also be used for “L” shaped cuts and for making holes. It can be used dry and, more rarely, wet.

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Tile Saws

  • Dedicated tile saws are designed to be used with water as a coolant for the diamond blade.
  • They are available in different sizes.
  • Adjustable fences for angled cuts and square cuts.
  • Fence stops for multiple cuts of exactly the same size.

Tile Cutter Prices In South Africa

Tile Cutter Prices
Totai Total Tile Cutter R1 583.00
Fragram – Tile Cutter – 600MM R475.00
Total Tools 600MM Tile Cutter R732.00
Fragram 3 Function 400mm Tile Cutter R810.00
Fragram – Tile Cutter – 400MM R329.00
Totai Total Tile Cutter Blade R101.00
Ryobi – Tile Cutter 830 Watt R4 738.00
Totai 600MM Tile Cutter R679.48

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