Sanlam Consolidation Of Debt Loans

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About Sanlam Loans

Sanlam has a rich 100-year history and has evolved from a local South African insurance provider to a varied financial services provider offering everything from commercial to personal loans.

Sanlam has grown into global markets, serving established nations such as Australia, Switzerland, the United States, and the United Kingdom. Sanlam serves India, Malaysia, the Philippines, Saudi Arabia, and more than 25 African nations in terms of growing market reach.

Sanlam’s Business Clusters

Personal Finance
Emerging Markets
Investment Group
Sanlam Corporate

Sanlam’s Unique Service Offerings

Sanlam is well-known for their insurance offers, but they also provide a variety of financial services for high-income customers. They adapt each of their financial products and services to your specific risk profile, as well as your specific objectives and goals.

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Sanlam’s extensive and comprehensive range of service offerings is unrivaled, ranging from personal loans to financial and retirement planning.

What Is A Debt Consolidation Loan?

Your current scenario is likely to be as follows: a few credit cards for shopping or emergencies; a clothing account (or two) to ensure the family is adequately dressed, and boy, do kids grow out of their clothes so rapidly; and a personal loan for your eldest’s tertiary education. Each month, you pay off all of these lines of credit, to the point where your phone sounds like a morning alarm with all of the alerts on the first of each month! What do you think? You’re paying interest on all of those accounts, at rates you can’t even bargain.

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When you file for debt consolidation, the lender takes all of your outstanding debt and turns it into a single total figure that is now significantly easier for you to manage on a monthly basis and, even better, comes with a lower interest rate! That is, by using this path, you really save money!

Your creditors are still paid on a regular basis; however, the lender negotiates a payment amount with them that is satisfactory to all parties. Because you were unable to make the payments in the first place, the creditors are overjoyed to get a monthly payment on which they can rely.

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What To Use Sanlam Consolidation Of Debt Loans For

You can use your Sanlam personal loan for home improvements, education, debt consolidation or to start a small business.

What you qualify for will depend entirely on your personal risk profile and affordability and will be established by a Sanlam consultant or your personal banker before loan approval.

Earn Cash Backs With Sanlam Reality

Sanlam Reality provides discounts on a variety of health, financial, and lifestyle products and services. In addition, after a year of making repayments on your personal loan, you may be eligible for a 20% cashback or R20,000 cash.

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