PVC Casing For Borehole Prices Full Details

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Casing is a big diameter pipe that is assembled and fitted into a newly drilled borehole segment. Casing, like the bones of the spine that protect the spinal cord, is installed inside the drilled borehole to protect and support the wellstream. Cement is generally used to hold the lower portion (and sometimes the entire structure) in place. Deeper strings are rarely cemented all the way to the surface, thus the pipe’s weight must be supported in part by a casing hanger in the wellhead.

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Joining Borehole Casing

They are constructed in sections that are fastened together to make greater lengths. Each casing contains a male and female threading to allow it to connect to the following pipe piece. To prevent thread damage, the male threads are usually coated with a thread protector (before assembly).

How Deep Should A Borehole Casing Pipe Be

Because the casing is primarily utilized for protection, its depth should be sufficient to offer the required protection. As a general rule, the casing should be at least 6m deep. It should also be at least 2 meters away from the pump. This protects the pump from wall collapse while also keeping mud and sand out of the pump.

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Advantages Of Casing Borehole

Casing that is cemented in place aids the drilling process in several ways:

  • Prevents contamination of fresh water well zones.
  • Prevents unstable upper formations from caving in and sticking the drill string or forming large caverns.
  • Provides a strong upper foundation to allow use of high-density drilling fluid to continue drilling deeper.
  • Isolates various zones, which may have different pressures or fluids, in the drilled formations from one another.
  • Seals off high pressure zones from the surface, minimizing potential for a blowout
  • Prevents fluid loss into or contamination of production zones.
  • Provides a smooth internal bore for installing production equipment.
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The optimal design of the casing program reduces well building costs, improves operational efficiency, and reduces environmental consequences.

PVC Casing For Borehole Prices

The price of PVC casing for borehole is determined by the dimension and type of PVC casing you want, kindly check here for more details https://www.vansan.co.za/catalogue/casings/pvc-casings/class-6-casings on how to select the actual product that you want.

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