Ok Furniture Beds Prices & More

Every single one of us makes use of furnishings. No one wants to utilise inferior or less durable furniture in their residential homes, companies, churches, offices, and so on. Moving on with this piece, I’ll give you furniture costs from one of South Africa’s biggest furniture companies.

Any items that make a room or other place ready for occupation are referred to as furniture. For example, a wing chair, a TV stand, a sofa, a cushion, an end table, a study table, a coffee table, an office chair, a bookshelf, and a cabinet are just a few examples. Furniture has numerous advantages, ranging from filling space to designing an area.

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Ok Furniture is a renowned furniture retailer in South Africa. They are known for producing high-quality, low-cost furniture. Let’s have a look at how much their beds costs at their location in this regard.

Ok Furniture Products 

We scoured Ok Furniture’s online store and found the following category of products sold by Ok furniture.

  • Lounge Furniture
  • Dining Furniture
  • Bedroom Furniture
  • Office Furniture
  • Kitchen Furniture

But in this post, we are only going to focus our attention on their bed prices so without wasting much time let’s get into it.

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Ok Furniture Beds Prices

  1. 2 Piece Bellona Bedroom Suite



  2. 2pce Matador Bedroom Suite

  3. 2pce Pomona Bedroom Suite (black)

  4. 2pce Pomona Bedroom Suite (cream)

  5. 2pce Sophia Bedroom Suite

  6. 2pce Tasha Bedroom Suite

  7. 2pce Vienna Bedroom Suite


3 Piece Nicole Bedroom Suite


How To Buy Beds From Ok Furniture 

Visit any Ok furniture near you today and get your brand new bed or you can visit their online store and make an order today without any stress or hustle. 
All you have to do is;
  • visit Okayfurniture.co.za
  • Create an account
  • Select the bed you want and add them to your cart 
  • Enter in your shipping address
  • Make payment 
  • Wait for your bed to be delivered right at the comfort of your doorstep. 
Thank you for reading this post, hope to see you soon. 

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