Immigration Agents In South Africa

Obviously, to enter a foreign country, you need to be cleared through customs, present a valid passport, and most at times, you’ll be required to answer questions related to the purpose of your trip and the duration of time you plan to stay in that country.

Passport checks and asking of those questions are carried out by people known as immigration agents.

Many people refer immigration agents as immigration consultants. Are they right? Well, we’re going to show you the differences between immigration agents and immigration consultants.

Today’s post captures immigration agents or immigration consultants in South Africa and how you can contact them.

About Immigration Agents In South Africa

Who Is An Immigration Agent?

As mentioned earlier, immigration agents are the people who carry out passport checks and asking of questions.

Also known as immigration officers in some countries, immigration agents are government officials who are mandated by law to enforce and uphold national immigration laws.

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What Does An Immigration Agent Do In South Africa?

Immigration agents are employed by the government to put immigration laws and policies into action.

Usually, roles played by immigration agents can be seen at border checkpoints. For instance, they check the validity of travel documents, and detain and remove people who try to enter improperly at the boarder.

Again, immigration agents search for drugs and other contraband in luggage at international airports. Moreover, immigration agents carry out random baggage searches to ensure that no illegal items are being brought into a country.

Immigration agents undertake the following assignments:

  • They are involved in border checks
  • They work as international immigration liaisons
  • They work as law enforcement and immigration control officers
  • They work as investigative detectives, etc.

Immigration Consultants In South Africa

In the introductory section of this post, we made mention that, the work of an immigration consultants differs from that of an immigration agent.

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Who Is An Immigration Consultant?

An immigration consultant is a person who assists people to emigrate from one nation to another nation.

Immigration consultants work in line with legal and documentation process to increase the chances of their clients emigrating for the purposes of study, work, travel or business.

What Are The Top Immigration Consultants In South Africa?

The list below has captured but not all, the top immigration consultants in South Africa. If you want us to add a trusted immigration consultant to the list, recommend through the comments section below.

BN Immigration Solutions – Cape Town

Location: 100 New Church Street, Tamboerskloof. Cape Town. Western Cape.

Migrate2oz – Johannesburg

Location: 71 Linksfield Road. Johannesburg. Gauteng.

Move Up Immigration Services – Cape Town

Location: 47 St Josephs Ave. Cape Town. Western Cape.

Breytenbachs Immigration Consultants Cape Town – Cape Town

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Location: First floor. Cape Town. Western Cape.

TRAVEL MAP – Cape Town

Location: O’Okiep Rd, Lansdowne. Cape Town. Western Cape.

Expert Migration – Cape Town

Location: 1 Thibault Square Long Street. Cape Town. Western Cape.

Immigration Lawyers Craig Smith – Cape Town

Immigration Chambers Norton Rose House. Cape Town. Western Cape.


Location: 63 a Kent Rd. Sandton. Gauteng.

New Zealand Shores – Pietermaritzburg

Location: 36 Speedy Road RD1, Mbabazane. Pietermaritzburg. Kwazulu Natal.

Black Pen Immigration – Cape Town

Location: 22nd floor Metropalitan Building, 7 Walter Sisulu Avenue Cape Town. Cape Town. Western Cape. 8001

Difference Between Immigration Agents And Immigration Consultants

Immigration agents undertake passport checks and interrogate people regarding travel plans. On the other hand, immigration consultants help people to emigrate from one nation to another nation and through legal and documentation process to increase the chances of immigration for the purposes of study, work, travel or business.


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