Ice Tropez Prices In South Africa

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A sparkling wine drink for the daring and fashionable has arrived from the elegant coasts of the French Riviera.

Summer’s drink of choice for the fashionista, trend setter, and wine connoisseur. Icetropez is a premium French wine cocktail with a mild effervescent finish and an unique white peach flavor. Discover icetropez and the joy of living. It’s love at first sip for this drink.

Try icetropez 0% if you want to experience the same sparkling taste and fruity aroma as the original but without the alcohol. This non-alcoholic sparkling cocktail is naturally fresh, wonderfully bubbly, and a pleasant non-sugar alternative.

Why Chose Ice Tropez

St. Tropez’s Ice Tropez is a deliciously pleasant wine drink. This cocktail is made with a wonderful rosé wine, natural nectarine flower aroma (fleur de brugnon), peach essence, and soda water from the Côte d’Azur. Ice Tropez has a delightfully fresh and seductively fruity flavor!

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Ice Tropez is best served ice cold and with a straw straight from the 0.275ml bottles. Ice Tropez is the favorite summer drink of ‘les Tropéziens,’ and you can certainly create a pleasant aperitif or long cocktail with it if you want to get your mixing game on.

Benefits Of Drinking Ice Tropez

Has less sugar

Alcoholic beverages include a lot of sugar. Did you know that non-alcoholic drinks offered in restaurants are made with sugary syrups? icetropez zero is created with the same grapes as the alcoholic version, but there is NO SUGAR added. This indicates that the product contains entirely natural sugar derived from the grapes utilized.

Is non-intoxicating

Icetropez zero has no alcohol, unlike de-alcoholized wine-based products.

When you drink icetropez zero, you will not get drunk or intoxicated. The reality is that an increasing number of people are adopting a healthy lifestyle that includes limiting or eliminating alcohol consumption. Choosing to believe that the drawbacks exceed any potential benefits. While “having a drink” is usually linked with sociability and having a good time, overindulging can lead to a variety of undesirable consequences.

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icetropez zero is a sophisticated non-alcoholic option for individuals who want to enjoy the sensation of drinking a drink without really drinking one!

Is safe to drink when you have to drive…

Needless to say, icetropez zero is also ideal for when you’re going out for the evening and need to get home safely. Alcohol can impair your driving skills by delaying your reaction time, making multitasking difficult, and reducing your attention span.

Makes you feel great the next day

Last but not least, drink their wines because you won’t be able to overindulge and will feel terrific the next day. There is no morning after remorse, self-loathing, or, most crucially, the risk of waking up with a hangover with an alcohol-free wine. So say goodbye to the morning after the night before, which for most of us consists of a dry mouth, pounding headache, and/or all-encompassing nausea. You might be astonished to learn that science has yet to fully explain what causes the symptoms of a hangover – but needless to say, your body is unhappy, and if you overindulge, you could lose a day or more.

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Important Information About Ice Tropez

Brand Tropez
Flavour fruit, light fruits, nectarine blossom, peach
bar code 3760004440093
ABV 6.5% Vol.
Weight 0.80 kg
Country of origin France
Manufacturer or importer Domaine Tropez, Quartier Moulières, 83580 Gassin, France
Additional information contains sulfites


Ice Tropez Prices In South Africa

The price of Ice Tropez in South Africa is R 59.00. That is the regular price in most outlets in South Africa.

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