How To Check Balance On Fundi Card

FundiCard is a payment getaway for those students who are financed through Fundi in South Africa. With just the simple steps below, you can easily check your balance on Fundi Card in South Africa. 

This post is not limited to only how to check your balance on fundicard however, there are more information about Fundi Card you will discover here. All frequently asked questions about FundiCard have been addressed in this post as well.

About Fundi – South Africa

In order to lower financial burdens on students in South Africa, Fundi has laid down measures to render educational loans to students.

The primary aim of Fundi is to make loans more convenient and low-cost for students. It does not involve the payment of any collateral. Moreover, repayments are deducted from the student’s salary or through debit orders, students can repay this loan.

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You know what, with your FundiCard, it’s possible to pay for purchases at majority of campus stores

What Is FundiCard? 

FundiCard is similar to a debit card; It’s a payment solution and an education finance specialists in South Africa.

Partners Of Fundi

What Are The Partners Of FundiCard?

Fundi has gone into an agreement with certain retail companies which permits one to use his/her FundiCard at the following outlets:

  • Shoprite
  • Checkers
  • PicknPay
  • Selected Spur outlets
  • Nando’s
  • Gallito’s 
  • KFC
  • and several others.

How To Get A Fundi Card

How Do I Get A FundiCard?

It’s simple. Get to any Fundi office at any of the campuses. In addition, visit their website at: for any enquires.

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An original passport or identification document will be required of any individual who wants the FundiCard.

Students who applied, will receive their My Fundi card after their IDs have been verified. A rep from Fundi will then activate the card by swiping it at a terminal. From there, they will input the student’s ID number. The student will then go ahead to input a PIN number for the card. After that, the card will be registered and, be available for usage.

Loading Funds On The FundiCard

How Do I Load A FundiCard?

Students will be able to use their cards provided they have loaded cash on them. For a student to transfer fund to different pockets, it needs to be requested by the funder/ sponsor.

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How To Check Balance On Fundi Card

Students can check their balance on FundiCard by employing three different methods:

Thru Mobile

Begin by registering on the Fundi website. After, you log in. From there, you dial *134*87646# on your cell phone. From there, select option 2. Your Fundi account details including the balance will be sent to you.

Thru The Call Center

Another way to check your Fundi balance is by calling the Fundi call center. Call 0860 44 33 44 for detailed information.

Thru The Campus Office

Go to online to check the closest campus office.



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