Hookah Pipes Prices In South Africa. Full Details

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About Hookah

A hookah, also known as shisha or waterpipe, is a single- or multi-stemmed instrument used to heat or vaporize tobacco, flavored tobacco (typically muassel), or cannabis, hashish, and opium before smoking it. Before inhalation, the smoke is passed through a water basin, which is frequently made of glass.

The major health risks associated with smoking tobacco, cannabis, opium, and other drugs through a hookah include exposure to toxic chemicals, carcinogens, and heavy metals that are not filtered out by the water, as well as infectious disease and pathogenic bacteria transmission when hookahs are shared.

Hookah and waterpipe usage is a global public health concern, with significant rates of use among Middle Eastern and North African communities, as well as among young people in the United States, Europe, Central Asia, and South Asia.

Abul-Fath Gilani, a Persian physician of Akbar, devised the hookah or waterpipe in the Indian city of Fatehpur Sikri during Mughal India; the hookah traveled from the Indian subcontinent to Persia first, where the mechanism was modified to its current shape, and then to the Near East. It could also have originated in Persia during the Safavid era, from which it moved to the Indian subcontinent.

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Hookah, also called as a hubbly bubbly or an okka pipe in South Africa, is popular among the Cape Malay and Indian cultures, where it is smoked as a social pleasure.

Hookah, on the other hand, is gaining popularity among South Africans, particularly among young people. Hookah bars are getting increasingly popular, despite the fact that most people smoke at home or in public places like beaches and picnic areas.

The terminology used in South Africa for the various hookah components differs from that used in other countries. A “clay pot” is the name given to the clay “head/bowl.” The hoses are referred to as “pipes,” and the air release valve is referred to as a “clutch.”

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The windcover (which is optional for outdoor use) is known as a “As-jas,” which translates straight from Afrikaans to English as a “ash-jacket.” Making/preparing the “clay pot” is also known as “racking the hubbly.”

Some scientists point to the marijuana pipe as an African origin of hookah.

Operation Of A Hookah

The water in the jar at the bottom of the hookah is sufficient to submerge a few millimeters of the body tube, which is tightly sealed to it.

Deeper water will simply increase the amount of inhaling effort required to use it. Tobacco or tobacco-free molasses is poured inside the hookah’s bowl at the top.

The bowl is frequently covered with perforated tin foil or a metal screen, and coal is placed on top.

The foil or screen separates the coal from the tobacco, which reaches maximum temperatures of 450 and 130 degrees Celsius, respectively.

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These temperatures are insufficient for combustion and are significantly lower than the 900 degrees Celsius reported in cigarettes.

Because a larger fraction of hookah smoke condensates are formed by simple distillation rather than pyrolysis and combustion, they tend to carry far less of the pyrosynthesized chemicals found in cigarette smoke.

Hookah Pipes Prices In South Africa

Below are the price of hookah pipes in South Africa.

Hooakah Shisha Lotus Heat Management System for Coals R 149
Premium Shisha and Hookah Russian 1 Pipe R 1,499
Khalil Maamoon Shisha Hookah 1 Pipe – Extra Large KM11003 R 1,499
Amaren Egyptian Premium Hookah – Large R 599
Shisha and Hookah Egyptian 2 Pipe – L R 599
Premium Hookah – 2 pipe R 199
Hookah Hot Plate Electric Coal Starter Stove – 450w R 359
Premium Shisha and Hookah Russian 1 Pipe R 1,499
Premium Stainless Steel Shisha Hookah Pipe – Multi Pipe Hookah R 1,799


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