Food Delivery Apps In South Africa

Do you know that there are Food Delivery Apps in South Africa that pay you real cash by using their services? Others also offer you lucrative discounts just by using their apps. I will tell you more about these Food Delivery Apps. 

Anyway, have it at the back of your mind that, this post will give you the list of the various Food Delivery Apps in South Africa. 

About Food Delivery

What Is Food Delivery? 

Retail food delivery is a go-be​tween service where a restaurant, store, or independent food-delivery company delivers food to a client. 

Prior to the delivery, an order is placed through the restaurant’s website or via mobile app, or thru a food ordering company. The delivery person usually drive a car or a use bike.

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About Food Delivery Apps

What Are Food Delivery Apps? 

Food delivery apps are softwares that facilitate the ordering of food items. These apps can be downloaded on Google Playstore or Apple Store using a smart phone. After downloading the app, one will be able to view the available food items and place an order if necessary. 

Again, most of these apps are embedded with some of the most popular restaurants in South Africa. Therefore, there are navigations to help you locate your favorite restaurant on the app and order food from them. 

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Food Delivery Apps In South Africa

The List Of Food Delivery Apps In South Africa

There are several food delivery apps in South Africa. Below is an overview of some of the food delivery apps in South Africa:

  • Mr D Food
  • Spur Family
  • Uber Eats
  • Pick n Pay ASAP!
  • UCook
  • KFC
  • Checkers Sixty60
  • Orderin
  • Daily Dish
  • McDonald’s
  • FitChef
  • Nandos
  • SoFresh
  • Glovo
  • Homechow

Mr D Food

The renowned restaurants on the App, Mr D Food are: Chicken Licken, McDonald’s, Steers, Wimpy, Pizza Hut, Spur, Debonairs Pizza, KFC, and Nandos. 

Uber Eats

The most popular restaurants on the App, Uber Eats are: Steers, Stur, Paul’s, McDonald’s, Mythos, Fish and Chips & Co, Debonairs Pizza, Sausage saloon, Chicken Licken and more.

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Food Delivery Apps That Pay You Money In South Africa 

How Can You Make Money With Food Delivery Apps In South Africa? 

One notable food delivery app that enables you to make money in South Africa is Uber Eats. Here is how it works. The app allows you to order food online. Uber Eats gives you the chance to earn money whenever you deliver food to people. The app is available on Android or IOS devices.

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