Electrical Certificate Of Compliance Cost

You will get all the information relating to the electrical certificate of compliance as you move further in today’s post. More importantly, you will discover the electrical certificate of compliance cost in South Africa.

For a property to be sold successfully, one legally needs a Coc certificate for the transfer to go through.

About Certificate Of Compliance

A Certificate Of Compliance (COC) is a document that authenticates that the electrical installations such as the plugs, lights, DB-board, geyser, wiring in a home, etc abide by the legislated demands as elaborated in the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

The encumbrance has been set on the homeowner to assure that a faulty or non-compliant electrical installation in his / her house does not pose a danger or menace through fire or electrocution to any person, animal, or property. In the absence of a valid certificate of compliance, any injury or incident that should occur will result in declaring the insurance on the house as invalid and then also, the householder could be held liable.

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The electrical certificate encompasses the permanent electrical installation which includes:

  • every cable from the mains incoming point to the mains distribution board.
  • everything in the mains distribution board and each sub-boards, circuit breakers, earth leakage, among others.
  • every cabling from the distribution boards to switches and plugs, in addition to the wall plugs and light switches, over to the connection at the lights.
  • every circuits and wiring to any fixed appliances, however it does not involve the real appliance itself. 
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Please there is more to find out. 

Electrical Certificate Of Compliance Cost

Here is the cost of an electrical certificate of compliance (Electrical CoC) of a standard house. The price differs based on the location, condition, size of the installation, and type of property.

The Electrical Certificate Of Compliance cost ranges between R700 and R1500. The average cost is R1100 in South Africa.

Summary On Electrical Certificate Of Compliance

The Electrical Compliance Certificate (ECoC) document is to assure that the electrical work on the property abides by standards and adhere to the South African National Standards as cited in the Electrical Installations Occupational Health and Safety Act.

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The householder has the responsibility of giving out a legal Electrical Compliance Certificate and an electrical fence certificate of compliance if there is an electric fence before the property can be transferred.

All homes with electrical items are required of a “Certificate Of Compliance”, these components will include the lights, swimming pools, geysers, wiring, plugs and etc.

Qualified electrical contractors need to be registered with the Department Of Labour (D.O.L), before giving out a CoC electrical certificate, this may be verified by the E.C.A. (Electrical Contractors Association) or the Department of Labour.



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