Cost Of Building A Nutec House

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David Chiwewete founded Chiwewete Homes in 2014. David had worked for many of Cape Town’s best Wendy house manufacturers for several years. While working for these enterprises, he became aware of the growing role that Nutec was playing in the construction of classic temporary structures such as Wendy houses.

It was also becoming evident that there were benefits to employing Nutec for other building objectives, such as expansions and renovations—even full-size homes—but the Wendy house manufacturers were unable to take on these projects.

David decided to take the plunge and start his own company, which would mostly focus on Nutec construction. He was fortunate in being able to persuade highly trained professional builders to join him in his breakaway, allowing Chiwewete Homes to become one of the industry’s most professional and skilled companies.

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Nutec Construction Background

Their cumulative background in traditional Wendy house manufacturing means that they can still build high-quality, wooden-clad structures with either permanent or temporary footings, but it is in the area of Nutec construction that they excel.

The company’s foundation is founded on providing professional quality work that meets all code standards, on time and on budget. They’ve grown from strength to strength, and they now have the ability to overcome any difficulty, large or small, from modest constructions to full-size homes, bare bones or ready to live in.

Houses Nutec Has Built

They have the infrastructure and skill set to create large-scale structures, ranging from Nutec on timber frames to bricks and mortar. Convert your vacant lot into the home of your dreams.

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If you want to build a full-size house, you can be certain of a quality job done by skilled professionals at a reasonable price.

This is the most important decision you will ever make, and you must ensure that you are working with a company that will work with you to make your goal a reality.

They will work with you to build your dream home, whether it is a Nutec clad timber structure or a typical bricks and mortar house, single or multi-story, from the ground up.

They take pleasure in the quality of their work as well as the speed with which they can provide it. It is as important to them as it is to you that your home is built correctly the first time and will last a long time.

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Consultations and prices are free, so why not get guidance from the experts before making the most important decision of your life—who will build your home? Call us right away; they want to make sure you get the house you deserve.

Their professionals are ready to convert your ideas into reality, on time, on budget, and in accordance with all codes and best practices.

Cost Of Building A Nutec House

Base price

Size: Price:
2 x 2m R7000
3 x 3m R9000
3 x 6 m R17000
3 x 9m R24000
3 x 12m R29000
6 x 6m R27000
6 x 9m R37000
6 x 12m R45000
9 x 9m R55000
9 x 12m R65000

Lining and ceiling with Rhino board

Size: Price:
2 x 2m R3000
3 x 3m R4000
3 x 6 m R6000
3 x 9m R9000
3 x 12m R11000
6 x 6m R10000
6 x 9m R12500
6 x 12m R14000


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