Cement Wholesale Price

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The fragile situation of South Africa’s construction sector, the bad economy, and limited infrastructure spending all resulted in lower cement sales volumes in 2019. Local lime, cement, and allied product makers started 2020 with diminishing capacity utilization rates, weakening demand, and increased rivalry for market share.

Despite the fact that South Africa and its neighbors are oversupplied, imported cement continues to flood the market. High fuel costs and energy insecurity have exacerbated the tough local operating environment.

Types Of Cement

There are various types of cement used in the construction sector. The qualities, uses, and composition materials used throughout the manufacturing process distinguish each variety of cement.

Cement is a covering material that acts as a bonding agent between aggregates and reinforcing components. Thanks to technological advancements, cement production in Malaysia has grown throughout the years.

There are various types of cement for various construction projects. Continue reading to learn more about the most common.

1. Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC)

Ordinary Portland Cement (OPC) is a type of cement that is made and used all over the world. It is widely utilized for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Concrete: When OPC is mixed with aggregates and water, it makes concrete, which is widely used in the construction of buildings
  • Mortar: For joining masonry
  • Plaster: To give a perfect finish to the walls
  • Cement companies in Malaysia offer OPC in three different grades, namely grades 33, 43, and 53.
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Aside from the aforementioned uses, Ordinary Portland cement is also used in the production of grout, wall putty, solid concrete blocks, AAC blocks, and various forms of cement.

2. Portland Pozzolana Cement (PPC)

PPC, or Portland Pozzolana cement, is made by grinding pozzolanic clinker with Portland cement.

PPC is highly resistant to various chemical assaults on concrete. It is commonly used in building, for example:

Marine structures
Sewage works
Mass concrete works

3. Rapid Hardening Cement

Malaysian cement suppliers also provide rapid hardening cement. Rapid Hardening Cement is created when finely powdered C3S is combined with higher concrete in OPC.

It is widely utilized in quick constructions such as pavement construction.

4. Extra Rapid Hardening Cement

Extra rapid hardening cement, as the name implies, builds strength faster and is made by adding calcium chloride to rapid hardening cement.

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To set the cement quickly in cold conditions, extra rapid hardening cement is often utilized. It is approximately 25% faster than rapid hardening cement by one or two days.

5. Low Heat Cement

Malaysian cement makers produce low heat cement by maintaining the ratio of tricalcium aluminate below 6% and increasing the fraction of C2S.

This low-heat cement is utilized in mass concrete structures such as gravity dams. It is critical to understand that it is less reactive and has a longer initial setup time than OPC.

6. Sulfates Resisting Cement

This cement is designed to withstand sulfate attack in concrete. It contains a lower concentration of Tricalcium aluminate.

Sulfates-resistant cement is utilized in projects that come into contact with soil or groundwater that contains more than 0.2 percent or 0.3 percent g/l sulfate salts, respectively.

It can also be used on concrete surfaces that experience alternate soaking and drying, such as bridge piers.

7. Quick Setting Cement

Malaysian cement producers also offer quick setting cement, which sets faster than OPC but retains the same strength. The proportion of gypsum is lowered in this formula.

Setting up quickly Cement is utilized in buildings that require rapid setting, such as undersea structures and in cold and rainy weather.

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8. Blast Furnace Slag Cement

This type of cement is made by grinding clinker with around 60% slag and is similar to Portland cement. It is employed in structures where cost is a major concern.

9. High Alumina Cement

During the OPC production process, high alumina cement is produced by calcining bauxite and lime with clinker.

To be classified high alumina cement, the total amount of alumina content must be at least 32%, and the weight ratio of alumina to lime must be between 0.85 and 1.30.

The most prevalent applications are in high-temperature constructions such as workshops, refractory, and foundries.

10. White Cement

This sort of cement is made from raw materials that are free of iron and oxide. White cement requires a larger amount of lime and clay. It is comparable to OPC but more expensive.

Cement Wholesale Price

The wholesale price of cement varies from manufacturers and dealers. Most of this company’s do give proper deals on purchase. Kindly check the dealers and manufacturers hereĀ 

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