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Telkom Funeral Cover Full Details. June 2022


Welcome to SA Insider. In todays article, we will be talking about telkom funeral cover. We will give you all the detailed required about telkom funeral cover. Kindly enjoy.

What is Telkom Funeral Cover?

A family is faced with a slew of expenses in the case of a death. Telkom Funeral Cover offers both cash assistance and additional advantages.

Understanding the Telkom Loyalty Funeral Cover

The Loyalty Funeral Cover is a complimentary VAS for existing Telkom Prepaid customers and new Telkom Prepaid subscribers. Value Added Service is what VAS stands for.

On the death of the covered Prepaid Telkom customer, the cover pays out R10,000 to the selected beneficiary. This is money set aside to cover the costs of your funeral if you die.

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If you pass away, you must name your own beneficiary to receive the money.

What Does It Take To Participate?

Telkom’s funeral cover, which is funded by OldMutual, will cover you for as long as you live:

  • South African Citizen with a valid ID and are between the ages of 16 and 75.
  • Must be on Telkom Sim-Sonke or Telkom More.
  • You have to opt-in and nominate your beneficiary
  • Spend R100 or more in recharges in a monthly.

Remember, if you don’t buy R100 airtime in a month, you won’t be covered the next month. There are no hidden fees; all you have to do to qualify is spend R100 on recharges in a calendar month.

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Although no one knows when their lives will end, planning ahead can relieve stress on the family and allow you to grieve without concern.

Telkom Funeral Protection keeps funeral expenses cheap, with cover ranging from R10,000 to R70,000 and monthly payments starting at R32. You can cover up to 14 family members.

A coffin, tombstone, groceries, airtime/data, and repatriation are all included in the coverage.

What is required of your beneficiary in order to claim?

If you pass away while covered by Telkom Funeral Cover, your nominated beneficiary must submit the following information:

  • Certified copy of Death Certificate
  • Beneficiary’s ID Copy
  • An Affidavit or Certified Letter stating the relationship of the deceased
  • Proof of bank details to which R10 000 will be deposited
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How To Submit A Telkom Telkom Funeral Cover Claim

  • Dial *180#
  • Choose # then enter for more options
  • Choose option 7 for Funeral Cover
  • Then choose 1 for “My Claims”
  • Then choose option 1 for “Submit Claim”
  • Then you will have to enter the number of the deceased.

Why Choose Telkom Funeral Cover

Their funeral coverage helps you to honorably bury your loved ones:

  •  No need to borrow money from “abomashonisa”
  • Affordable premiums
  •  Partnered with funeral service providers for a hassle-free claims process

For each of the offered packages, the following burial services are available:

  •  Coffin
  • Tombstone
  •  Groceries
  •  Airtime/data
  •  Repatriation of mortal remains
  •  Non-underwritten burial services

Thank you for reading our post on telkom funeral cover. We hope you enjoyed our post today.

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