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Imbali Funeral Services (Complete Services)


If you are looking for the services of Imbali Funeral Furnishers, then you are at the right place. In todays topic, we will be talking about Imbali Funeral Furnishers Service. Kindly enjoy.

About Imbali Funeral Furnishers

The late Mr Heera Jadoo founded Imbali Funeral Furnishers in 1941. The name Imbali, which means “flower,” was derived from the freshly created Imbali township at the time. For almost 70 years, Imbali Funeral Furnishers has provided respectable, professional services to the communities and people they serve, and they are known for their sensitive and appealing role. Throughout the years of serving the Pietermaritzburg community, the company has had the opportunity to travel throughout Kwa-Zulu Natal, the former Transkei, and Lesotho, among other parts of the country.

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Main Focus

Their major job and goal is to assist bereaved families in organizing funerals following the tragic loss of a loved one with the utmost compassion, empathy, and respect. They strive to honor the memory of a dearly departed loved one by delivering respectful, professionally handled funeral ceremonies by their expertly trained and widely experienced personnel. This intern gives families the peace of mind that their loved ones are being treated with the highest respect and care. They take pride in providing hygienic, modern facilities to their clients, which include multiple preparation and viewing rooms, a state-of-the-art cooling chamber, and a state-of-the-art show room with a large selection of imported and locally built caskets and coffins.

When Was Imbali Funeral Furnishers Established

Imbali Funeral Furnishers was the first funeral home in Pietermaritzburg to provide its clients the exclusive use of a Chapel conveniently located within the bounds of the building, which was created with all religions and cultures in mind. In addition, the company has a contemporary fleet of imported and locally built hearses and limos. In addition to their services, they offer affordable funeral policies, tombstones, unveiling services, international and local air freight, a large selection of fresh flower arrangements, marquees, tables, chairs, ash urns, professionally compiled and printed hymn booklets, catering, hall, church, and home decor, and even counselling.

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Imbali Funeral Services

Imbali Funeral Furnishers believes that each funeral is unique, with no two funerals being the same. They strive to provide a personal, dignified, and sensitive service to their clients in order to alleviate the sadness caused by the loss of a loved one. All of their services are tailored to your unique needs and religious requirements, and they offer a wide range of services to their clients, including:

  • Completion and Submission of All Documentation
  • Locally manufactured and imported caskets and coffins
  • Funeral Notices in various advertising media
  • Professionally printed and compiled Hymn booklets and pamphlets
  • Cremations and Burials
  • Arranging of Priests and Clergymen of all denominations
  • An in house chapel for public and private viewings
  • An assortment of fresh floral arrangements and decor
  • Tombstones
  • Unveiling of Tombstones
  • Traditional and modern Funeral Vehicles
  • Limousine Services
  • National and International Repatriation/Transportation
  • The provision of various ash urns
  • Provision of music to meet ones specific needs
  • Decor of various venues
  • The provision of Memory Booklets
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