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Discovery Funeral Plan. June 2022


Welcome to our blog. In todays topic, we will be talking about discovery funeral plan. We will give you all the details you need about discovery funeral plan. Kindly stay with us.

Discovery Funeral Plan

The Funeral Plan from Discovery Life is something to consider. Discovery Life offers two funeral plans: The Classic Funeral Plan and The Essential Funeral Plan. You should consider Discovery Life’s Funeral Plan because premiums start at R53 per month for a person and you may cover up to 15 people on your policy.

Discovery Life’s Funeral Plan:

These benefits apply on The Classic Funeral Plan in the case of a death:

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Double your payout on accidental death: If you or your spouse dies in an accident, Discovery Life will immediately pay double the cover amount.

Payment in 24 hours:Discovery Life will pay out your claim within 24 hours of receiving all of the proper papers.

Continued cover for your spouse: Discovery Life will pay the funeral cover premium for a year after your death to ensure that your spouse and children are covered.

Payout for your children’s education: When you or your spouse dies, the Education Benefit will provide a lump-sum payment per kid. This can help ensure that your children’s education is covered in the event of a life-changing incident. Your education payment will vary depending on the plan you choose.

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Premium PayBack Benefit: From the second year forward, you will receive an annual PayBack. This PayBack will be calculated as a percentage of the premiums you paid that year.

Automatic baby cover: If your child dies within the first three months of birth, or is a stillborn, you will get a lump-sum payout. This will be paid to you or your spouse.

Cover for the unveiling: The Memorial Benefit is an automatic benefit that pays you and your spouse a lump sum of R5000 to help with the costs of the unveiling.

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Cover for groceries: The Grocery Benefit will provide you and your spouse a lump payment that you and your spouse can spend to feed your family during or after the funeral. Depending on the plan you choose, the payment will be different.

These benefits apply on The Essential Funeral Plan in the event of a death:

  • Double your payout on accidental death
  • Continued cover for your spouse
  • Payout for your children’s education
  • Payment in 24 hours
  • Automatic baby cover
  • Cover for the unveiling
  • Cover for groceries

Thank you for reading our todays post on discovery funeral plan. We hope you enjoyed it.

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