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B3 Funeral Cover Contact Details. June 2022


Welcome to our blog. In todays topic, we will be talking about b3 funeral cover contact details. Stay with us.

About B3 Funeral Cover

B3 (Batho Batsho Bakopane group) is a black-owned and operated insurance brokerage firm that was founded in 1991 by business experts. E3 revised their marketing strategy in response to the emergence of a new power in the funeral insurance industry.

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The arrival of B3 Funeral Cover in these sectors of business laid the foundation for higher competitive business practices and B3 relentlessly became the trendsetters. B3 Funeral Cover is a well-known company for providing funeral services and insurance today. B3 takes pride in providing high-quality services and treating customers with respect, giving them more bang for their buck.

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B3 Funeral Cover plans

The Classic plan

Get up to R50 000 in funeral cover for the entire family, including biological children aged 14 to 21. A pre-funeral fund, a post-funeral fund, catering services (age restrictions for children), and funeral accessories will be available to the main member, spouse, and children. Extended family members are covered at an additional cost, with various covers and premiums to suit the family’s budget. It also covers solitary members as well as children.

What Do You Do When A Loved One Passes On?

When a loved one passes away, contact your Funeral Director, who will assist you in planning and organizing the funeral.

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Their Funeral Consultants may contact you to schedule a meeting, or you may visit one of our conveniently located branches that provide easy access to our loyal clients.

Step 1 – Report the death

The first step is to inform us that your loved one has died. This is the most difficult phase, but we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Step 2 – Collection of the deceased

We’ll then come pick up your loved one and carefully bring them to the parlour where they’ll be prepared for burial.

Step 3 – Consultation with parlour for the burial 

You should speak with your B3 consultant and the parlour about the funeral and burial arrangements for your loved one.

Step 4 – Documentation needed from family 

You are going to need to provide us with the following documentation:

– Certified death certificate
– ID document of the Deceased (must be stamped DECEASED)
– ID document of the claimant
– For a disabled kid, a copy of the medical application or report, as well as confirmation of the Disability Grant, is necessary.

Step 5 – Selection of the burial package

We provide a variety of packages to fit your needs and ensure that your loved one has the funeral and burial they deserve.

Step 6 – Body preparation and viewing

Before your loved one can say goodbye to those they have left behind, they must be prepared.


Step 7 – Transportation of the deceased to home or church

Your loved one must be transported to their funeral service after they are ready and the goodbyes have been said — they are the honored guest.

Step 8 – Transportation to final resting place

Finally, your loved one must be taken to their final resting place.

B3 Funeral Contact Details

Address: 1 Main Reef Rd,
Benoni, Johannesburg 1501

Tel: 011 747 5400
E-mail: [email protected]

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